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Pumpkin -

Why is Pumpkin Good for You? Pumpkins have so much to offer other than just being made as jack-o-lanterns! It is delicious to eat (I’m thinking of baking a pumpkin pie right now!) and has incredible healing benefits. The best months for growing a pumpkin in Australia is from September to December and harvest time is best during October and November. Pumpkin belongs to the squash family and is considered to be a fantastic source of nutrition. Pumpkin seeds may be small but are a powerhouse, with a wide variety of nutrients. This orange veggie provides nutrients the body needs...

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Anti inflammatory, Piperine, Turmeric -

The Powerhouse Spice You Need in Your Life! Turmeric as we all know is a popular spice in India and parts of Asia and it’s also a powerful herb used by many around the world. It can potentially reverse disease and has a number of impressive healing benefits. There are over 9,000 medical and clinical researches done on turmeric and almost 95% claims that turmeric has positive effects to one’s health. Turmeric is part of the ginger family and it is responsible for the yellowish colour found on curry dishes. Its distinguishing healing compound known as curcumin (a curcuminoid) is...

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gut-healing, nourishing soups -

If you adore hearty nourishing soups in the winter but you'd prefer them on the healthy side then today's recipe is for you! Not only is the recipe gut-healing* I created this recipe a few years back and have tweaked it until I came up with this version for you. It is absolutely delicious (and nutritious ha ha!) and a great way to sneak extra greens into everyone's diet. *If you are sensitive to fermented products you may wish to omit the kale powder. Ingredients: Broccoli x 1 head Kohlrabi x 1 Zucchini x 1 Silver beet x 3 leaves...

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Benefits of coconut oil, Coconut oil -

Why is Coconut called the Tree of Life? People in the Asia Pacific call the coconut “the Tree of Life” and 90% of coconut is saturated fat and contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) that can improve health big time! MCFA’s can be easily digested and immediately be converted from energy and not fat. You will be in awe at the versatility of the coconut because you can pretty much use it for almost everything! Skin and beauty care, hair care, medicinal properties, health and wellness and can go far as housing material. Nothing is more powerful and amazing than...

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Passion fruit, Passion fruits -

Who Would've Thought... What’s amazing about Passion Fruit? Its ability to provide healthy benefits and essential nutrients needed to support the different systems and functions of the body. It is a mysterious fruit in some countries (not Oz though as it’s very common here) that is full of surprises that serves as health and medicinal purposes. It has the ability to prevent cancer development, it is good for digestion, it can boost immune health, it is capable of lowering high blood pressure, it serves as fluid balance regulator in the body, it is good for the bones, the eyesight and...

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