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Eating behaviour, Eating disorder, Extreme mindsets, Orthorexia, Self-worth -

Do you constantly cancel out on social occasions for fear of not being able to eat certain foods, the foods you would normally make at home? Or you always find yourself saying no when asked to go out for a meal? Do you obsess over calorie intake and about exercise to the point where if you miss a session you can't cope? Does this cause you any negative feelings such as loneliness, anxiety, stress, isolation or even depression? Well you're not alone, this is very common (especially amongst people in the wellness industry and is fuelled by social media - especially...

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anxiety, Depression, Happiness herb, Mental health issues, PTSD, Rhodiola, Rhodiola rosea, Stress -

Lately, mental health issues have been more rampant than ever. News about suicide and suicide attempts has almost always been in the news every single day. Depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD are just some of the few mental health issues that have slowly but surely been creeping in on  society. According to the World Health Organisation, there are already 300 million people worldwide suffering from depression at the moment. Mental health issues as well as stress are the root to several health issues. A lot of people in one way or another have been having a hard time coping, and this...

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Green Tea, Matcha, Matcha Tea -

Matcha Tea Powder - Superfood A new superfood has been storming the market and making hype lately. In case you haven’t noticed, matcha shakes, ice cream, lattes, cakes, bubble teas and chocolates are a pretty big at the moment. So what on god’s green earth is matcha? It’s the emerald coloured powdered form of green tea that is widely used in Japan for traditional tea ceremonies. It is made from nutrient-rich young leaves from Camellia Sinensis plants, stored in the shade before harvest and stemmed before it gets prepared. It has an earthy refreshing taste – which is almost always...

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Moringa, Moringa Powder, Superfood -

Health Benefits of Moringa Powder A lot of people nowadays are becoming more and more health conscious- keeping an eye of the kind of food they eat, and are making sure that what they consume are foods that are jam-packed with antioxidants and nutrients to promote overall health. It is without a doubt that superfoods are becoming a hype right now. From chia seeds, to maca to matcha you name it! But let me introduce you to another superfood that is slowly but surely gaining popularity right now due to its highly nutritious profile, powerful antioxidants, highly concentrated nutrients and...

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alcohol, Breast cancer, Oestrogen, Oestrogen dominance -

What Is Oestrogen Dominance and Its Connection to Weight & Alcohol One fine Saturday afternoon after a very busy work week, you find yourself chilling out with a bottle of wine – or two. Good friends, or maybe it’s with family? Everything felt so perfect you didn’t even notice you’ve been drinking a lot more than you should. More often than not, this scenario has rapidly become a go-to routine whenever we feel too fed up with work – or life in general. But did you know that too much booze can mess up our hormones? The significance of the...

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