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Collagen Supplement, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen, Pumpkin pies -

Pumpkin pies are not huge (as in popular) in Australia compared to the USA but they totally should be! Especially when they are this good!  These were inspired by our recent trips to Massachusetts USA during their fall (Autumn) where pumpkins are everywhere and in just about everything! We even tried pumpkin apple cider donuts at a farm one day.. amazing! I've always loved the traditional pumpkin pie recipe but it can be quite heavy on the tummy and you always end up in some kind of food coma! So I decided to tweak this original recipe and make it more...

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Red Velvet Sexy Smoothie, Valentines Day -

Creating a smoothie for Valentine's Day was kind of a no-brainer really, I mean just about everyone loves Red Velvet anything so to enjoy a delicious and decadent smoothie with "benefits" (if ya know what I mean?;) Not only is this Red Velvet sexy smoothie nutritious but has the potential to get you "in the mood" and that is because of the secret ingredients and we will get to those soon... Making this yourself is simple as long as you have a good blender and all the right ingredients... without even 1 of these ingredients, I'm afraid it will fall...

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Aphrodisiac, circulation, Cordyceps, endurance, erectile dysfunction, increase sensation, Love Chocolate, Organic Cordyceps, sexual tonic -

Well I must be honest, these chocolates just kind of came about recently when I was making chocolates for Valentine's Day, you see... I originally started off with the intention to make heart-shaped chocolates in moulds and with goji berries and coconut milk but after attempting to make these twice (one batch melted on the front seat of my car after I got back from an appointment) and the other batch got devoured by my chocoholic husband! The thing I was never happy about with the first 2 batches is how soft they were and no matter how cold they...

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gut-healing, Gut-healing Popsicles, Popsicle -

Hey Health seeker (from one seeker to another)... Today I'm happy to share with you this Australian-inspired recipe that came to me recently when thinking about what content to create for Australia Day; Gut-healing Aussie Popsicles... While I realise this term may offend some folks please know that is not my intention and I apologise if it does. But I'm not here to get into that, I am simply here to share great recipes and recipes that are not only delicious but also highly nutritious! :-) So the two colours that spring to mind when thinking about this beautiful country...

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Collagen Lamington, Gluten-free Lamington, Lamington recipe -

Ok so creating these delicious iconic Australian (but with a healthy original twist) recipe was no simple baking feat! I started out with the intention of creating a gluten-free collagen Lamington but that idea soon became my Wednesday nightmare... Have you ever tried to bake with gluten-free flour? Well if you have you'll understand and relate to how bloody AWFUL it is for making a cake! I seriously was ready to tear my own hair out or cry or give up because the recipe wasn't cooperating! Maybe you are someone who has had success with creating a cake using gluten-free...

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