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We Support

Beyond Blue

With mental health issues on the rise and many people not knowing where to turn or who to talk to, we want to shed light on one organisation who helps many Aussies everyday with support around and with mental health issues. 

Mental health should always be taken seriously and the stigma needs to go as it's not helpful.

We believe in supporting worthwhile organisations and mental health is something close to many of our hearts (our founder Tammy knows too well how mental health issues can debilitate and knock a person to the ground at times and a big reason why she has chosen Beyond Blue as one of the causes Perfect Supplements gives back to)

Tammy has learnt a lot about mental health and looks forward to teaching her followers and customers what she has learned (through blogs, videos, newsletters, social media and her book).

She believes though that people need a place to go or someone to talk to when they're going though depression, anxiety or possibly even worse. That is why Beyond Blue was a cause that she decided Perfect Supplements would want to support. ❤️


The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup

The state of our oceans is greatly concerning. With millions of tons of plastic entering the oceans every year, the damaging effect on marine life is devastating (to say the least)! 😢🐬

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation started by a teenage boy named Boyan Slat (absolutely incredible and inspirational).

What an amazing, selfless young man and human being to want to make such a huge impact that would have seemed like an impossible task at the time no doubt. 

If you haven't heard of him or his organisation, be sure to google him and watch his TedX talk.

We just knew that this was something we wanted to support and we got an overwhelming response to our survey early 2021 when we gave people multiple options to choose for worthwhile causes.

Needless to say, this one was one that touched many people's hearts and one that people really want to help support.

I believe that we can all help to make a difference 💜


The Hunger Project


The Hunger Project

Nourishment through food is vital to our health but also to our survival and nobody should ever have to go hungry! The thought of people dying of starvation just breaks our heart 💔 that's why The Hunger Project was on our survey and one that many of you also cared about so it has been included in who we support.

We love the work that The Hunger Project are doing and think their goal to end world hunger is admirable and we want to help make it happen (with your help of course).

This organisation is all about empowering communities by helping with education, micro-finance, agriculture and health programs.

Their goal is to also help end the poverty cycle ❤️

  • They work in 24,000 rural villages
  • They have 395,000 locally-trained volunteers
  • They have researched over 15 million people globally


How Can You Help?

By making a purchase with us (of any size), we will donate $1 on your behalf to your chosen cause out of these 3. There will be an option for you to choose in the checkout so be sure to tick the one you love the most (hard choice I know!) 

Thank you from our heart to yours 😘

Tam (CEO & Founder of Perfect Supplements Australia)