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Bushfires -

You can care too much. This is a truth that I’ve learned in the midst of the devastation caused by the bushfires here in Australia. I understand my statement may seem cold and crass, but I assure you, when I say you can care too much, I’m saying it from a place of immense feeling.  Stay with me... The Emotional Flood Caused by the Australian Bushfires Brought on by a long drought, hundreds of bushfires have been raging in Queensland and New South Wales since mid-2019 and also began in Victoria late 2019 where they've caused absolute devastation. In addition...

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Detox -

  Try as you may, promise as you might, none of us are immune to the indulgences of the holiday season. Whether it's food or drink or both, the call of treats and tipples is so loud, it's deafening! The good news is you can start to cleanse in less time than it took you to digest the smorgasbord of goodies you devoured at your office Christmas party.  The Truth About Holiday Detox Products You'll hear dozens of tips and tricks on how to detox after the holidays, but only a handful of these strategies have real merit. The truth...

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Aging, Anti-aging, Resveratrol -

Most of us who enjoy a glass or two of wine know about the health benefits of resveratrol. Found in the skin of grapes (as well as many berries, plants and peanuts), resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant. This amazing compound protects your body against cellular damage (including excess inflammation), which can consequently prevent heart disease and cancer. It can also lower bad cholesterol and increase energy levels and focus, all the while helping to support healthy, supple skin, muscles and joints. While resveratrol is found abundantly in wine (red wine specifically), the many benefits of resveratrol are unfortunately undercut...

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Cellulite -

Dimples on my face might feel cute but when it comes to my legs and bum, not so much. I reckon every woman or young girl remembers the first moment she felt self-conscious about her cellulite, let me tell you a story (my story). As a teenage girl, I developed fast and my diet wasn't always the healthiest (in fact, I ate a tonne of junk food often) and this probably contributed to cellulite at an early age. I remember playing school sports and in the warmer months the legs would be on full display (whether I like it or...

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Bloating, Chronic bloating, Digestive health, Food intolerance, GI problems, IBS, Stress -

Bloating. The word says it all. Bloating is everything blah. It makes you feel awful, never mind the fact it can also make you look like you put on 5 kilos in a matter of minutes.  The medical term is known as ‘Abdominal distension’ and it’s one of the most common GI problems faced by so many people in this modern world. It is more common in women than in men (yep, we get all the fun things to deal with, and men wonder why we get so irritable at times). I know, I have personally experienced the dreaded bloat for my entire adult life...

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