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Bread, Digestive Illness, Modern Wheat, Sourdough bread, Sprouted bread -

Is Bread Evil or Actually Good for Us? Bread has been eaten and enjoyed for centuries and back then, a digestive illness like IBS, Crohn's disease and IBD were unheard of. But... The type of bread they consumed was very different from the bread we eat today in this modern world. Modern wheat and modern bread, for the most part, is a far cry from the bread eaten in ancient times. Since then, wheat has been modernised so it could be produced more quickly and easily. This modernisation (and bastardisation) has changed the nature of the wheat into something that...

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DNA, DNA mutations, Electromagnetic fields, EMF, Exposure to EMFs, Wi-Fi -

Dangers Of Electromagnetic Frequencies And How To Protect Yourself The use of wireless devices is an inevitable part of pour life today. From cell phones, smart meters to Wi-Fi routers, they are all around us. When they function they produce electromagnetic fields around them, better known as EMF. These fields from different devices can stack up and reach dangerous levels of radiation. Recent studies have found that a lot of health problems are caused by EMF. There are even some insurance companies that now provide health insurance for medical issues caused by this radiation exposure. How does it affect your...

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Conventional dairy, Dairy, Ketogenic diet, Lactose-free, Organic dairy -

To Eat Dairy or Not to Eat Dairy, that is the Question We live in a world with varying schools on beliefs on many a topic, heck, find me a topic and I'm sure there will be a different opinion, school of thought, study, peer review or piece of research. I think it is great to research but I also am a big believer in listening to your own body. While some folks can eat, enjoy and digest dairy with no issues, others cannot. It's most important to look at the source of your dairy if choosing to consume it...

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Flavour enhancers, Monosodium glutamate, MSG, MSG boosters -

My Biggest Weakness Have you ever eaten a packet of flavoured chips, for example, salt n vinegar (my biggest weakness which I've finally tamed down) or crackers from the supermarket shelf only to find yourself with a stomach ache or even worse... agonising tummy pain, a severe headache, nausea or all of the above? 🤕 I know I have and that is why I dug into today's topic many years ago after experiencing these negative side-effects.  The reason these 'foods' can have this effect, is largely due to the fact that they contain additives, flavour enhancers and preservatives that can...

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Clinoptilolite, Detoxification, Heavy metals, Zeolite -

What is Zeolite? Zeolite is a special type of rock that traps water and other materials inside it. Zeolite has a three-dimensional structure made up of alkaline earth metals and with water molecules trapped in their gaps. Zeolite has an excellent detoxification property. Zeolite both occurs naturally and is also now being commercially made. How and when can you use zeolite on your skin? Zeolite being a volcanic substance has some amazing skin benefits. Zeolite has tremendous beneficial abilities to absorb, hold release and exchange other chemicals, toxins, and nutrients according to your body’s requirement. Better absorbency: It sneaks into...

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