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Depression, Mood, Serotnin, Vitamin D -

The link between vitamin D and moods is strong. While depression has been around as long as the human race, studies are showing that depression rates have been increasing over the few decades. One of the main reasons, it seems, is our lack of exposure to sunlight, which allows our body to produce essential vitamin D.  Vitamin D has been shown to help us regulate our moods and when we don't get enough of it, we are prone to more depression and anxiety.  What's more, sunlight is believed to increase your body's production of serotonin, a hormone that boosts not...

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Alcohol, breast cancer, Fatty Liver Disease, Hormonal imbalances -

With Sober October upon is, it's a great time to think about why and how to give up alcohol for a month. For some people, swearing off tippling is easy but for many others, getting a handle on how to give up alcohol can be considerably more challenging. This difficulty could stem from many reasons, including but not limiting to these: You are used to having a drink every day, and have created a habit.  You use alcohol to cope with chronic stress and negative emotions. You have an alcohol dependency or rely on it for confidence in social situations...

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distension, FODMAPs, FODMAPs diet, FODMAPs diet for IBS, IBS -

Since the FODMAPs diet for IBS was developed by researchers at Monash University in Australia, it's helped countless people suffering from this chronic, debilitating gastrointestinal condition. In fact, 1 in 7 adults suffer from IBS, and I am one of them.   How is IBS Diagnosed? Well, believe it or not, it isn't through a colonoscopy! Nope, a colonoscopy won't show any sign of IBS but a doctor can diagnose you by looking at the following things: Your medical history Your symptoms Your genetics They may offer a physical exam? They may suggest a gluten-intolerance test to rule out coeliac...

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Black hair on your nipples, Cushing's Syndrome, Hormones, Nipples, PCOS -

Finding black hair on your nipples may be surprising, and even embarrassing, but it's also completely natural. Your body is covered in hair follicles and some of the hair, like the peach fuzz found on the face, can be light and soft, and other hair, like the hairs found on your legs, chin and yes, even your nipples, can be coarse and dark.   Black hair on your nipples can be the result of many causes, the majority of them harmless.  Here's what you need to know about why you get black hair on your nipples. Hormones Hormonal changes happen...

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Men's Health, Resveratrol -

The power of resveratrol for men cannot be understated. This potent plant compound can help you live stronger and longer.    Contrary to popular belief, resveratrol isn't only found in wine. Other sources of resveratrol include grapes, peanuts, cocoa, blueberries, cranberries, bilberries, and of course, supplements. Supplements are in fact one of the most popular ways to get resveratrol, since they're an easy way to make sure you're getting enough.  Of course, quality is key, so if you are interested in a resveratrol supplement, be sure to get one that is natural and free of GMOs. (Of course ours is!...

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