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Chlorella Health Benefits


Chlorella The Superfood

We’re clearly aware how powerful green foods can be and the role it plays in our daily nutritional intake but do you know what’s the most powerful of them all? It’s Chlorella.

Chlorella is part of the algae family and is highly useful for both sea creatures and humans. In fact, millions of people around the world including athletes are using algae because it is loaded with nutrients like magnesium, chlorophyll, fibre, vitamins and other essential nutrients. It is rich with nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) that helps boost the energy and supplements the body’s need for green vegetables. Chlorella is useful for weight management, good blood circulation, can strengthen the immune system, helpful in digestion and detoxification and rich source of antioxidants.

The following studies were made to :

  • Chlorella has been found effective in preserving the immune system functions even in stressful conditions. Research on animals shows that chlorella was able to maintain the development of macrophages under stress. Macrophages serves as a cleaning crew in the lymph system to allow the body to function normally in the face of stress.
  • Some women face the problem of having too much estrogen especially during the menstrual cycle when estradiol rises each month. When the estradiol has cleared, the liver automatically conjugates estradiol for clearance going into the bile which will now travel to the gallbladder and lastly, into the digestive system for elimination. When this happens, the conjugation bond may be threatened by the bacteria allowing the estradiol to re-enter the body. Keep in mind that this is hazardous because it exposes the body to an inappropriate and unhealthy estrogen. In order to avoid these things from happening, incorporate chlorella in your diet.
  • Chlorella supports the metabolism of healthy cholesterol in the body. It aids in both the liver and digestive functions.

Chlorella As Powerful Chelator

Chlorella is designed to absorb heavy metals and toxins such as uranium, mercury, cadmium and lead. It acts as a natural detoxifier of the body and binds metal toxins on its cell wall. Chlorella has been used in the industrial field where there is high exposure to chemicals and its metal-binding ability has proven to protect the body against toxins.

Not only in the industrial field, but our body is attacked by harmful chemicals everyday or what we call systemic pollution. We expose our bodies with toxins through the food that we eat, skin and body care products, water supplies and everything around us. Scary right? And though we are able to live with all these chemicals, it is super unhealthy and can cause illnesses and diseases.

However, there are steps we can take to slowly eliminate toxins in the body by protecting your health and your family’s health as well. It may be impossible due to the widespread damage these chemicals have in our world but chlorella can possibly help remove metals out from the body.

Our bodies are designed to naturally remove harmful pathogens and chemicals. You may notice symptoms of toxic build-up all because of long-term metal exposure. These symptoms are:

  • Body Weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Depression
  • Female reproductive problems
  • Digestive problems

Or in worse cases:

  • Brain damage
  • Central nervous system and kidney failure
  • Pregnancy complications

When chlorella is ingested, it naturally binds heavy metals found in the digestive tract. It helps eliminate metals and toxins out from the body. It is designed to avoid binding with the minerals found in the body which is needed to function normally. Chlorella simply works by identifying which metals in the body are needed and healthy from metals which are not needed and are unhealthy. Chlorella is like an army fighting off toxins from the tissues and leading them out of the body to where they actually belong.



How To Choose the Right Source for Chlorella?

Too often, we get drowned by health and wellness tips that we read or see on TV and we confused which product and what sources do we get it our nutrients from.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind when looking for the right source:

  • Chlorella must be bought organic, organic certified and non GMO (Genetically Modified). Stop feeding yourself with foods or supplements that have been mutated or exposed to different chemicals. Consider having 100% organic chlorella without any fillers in it.
  • Know where your chlorella comes from and be alarmed when it can be bought at a very cheap cost. It was reported that there are places selling chlorella at a cheaper value, the reason for this is. their chlorella has a very high concentration of contaminants and a lower algae content.
  • Avoid Chlorella which has been exposed to heat drying. Heat can destroy the active enzymes in the algae which can lose its raw content. Ask the source if it was air dried instead of heat dried.
  • Give importance as to how the source preserve the algae. Algaes like chlorella must be stored in a non-transparent container to avoid the UV rays or light from coming in and destroying chlorophyll (makes a plant green in colour). Once the the algae is exposed to light, it loses its potency.

We recommend Perfect Chlorella because not only is it thoroughly tested and we have the proof to show, but also we use it ourselves and have seen the benefits of doing so in our energy, skin, digestion and much more. Plus the company are a family-owned company and highly ethical people who would only want the highest quality products for yours and my health & wellbeing and for the wellbeing of this planet and it’s creatures. So try to choose an organic chlorella where ever possible.

Organic Perfect Chlorella


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