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Are You Eating Right for Your Body Type?

16 June 2016
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Do you eat right for your body type? Have you ever wondered why some people can eat whatever they like and they don’t seem to put on one shred of weight? And others who may be on the larger side that don’t each much at all and they cannot shift the kilo’s? Well it’s not really a mystery when you understand the different body types and eating right for that type.

I recently attended a nutrition workshop run by Chantal Gerady. This is what I learned about eating right for your body type from Chantal…

Ok, so there are basically 3 main body types that people are and of course you can be a combo of them but are generally one type in particular. The different types are:

  • Ectomorph: Petite, small shoulders, high metabolism, appear skinny, hyperactive, get full more easily when eating, smaller chest and bums usually, have trouble gaining weight/muscle, low body fat, eat whatever they like (as a mesomorph I really despise you haha!)

How an Ectomorph should be training for best results:

  • Limit cardio
  • Lift heavier (but not ridiculous) weights
  • Build strength with lifting weights
  • Do activities like TRX, weights

What to Eat:

  • Eat at least 50-60% carbs
  • Can have a higher calorie intake (this doesn’t mean going hard on the junk food though) you’re better off eating higher calorie healthy foods because they’re positive calories due to high nutrient content. Foods such as bananas, fruits, avocados, sweet potato, dates, coconut oil etc..


  • Mesomorph: I can relate to this body type as I am a ‘meso’. Our body type is more on the athletic side, not thin and not heavy. Mesomorph’s can eat moderately. We often have broad shoulders and can put on muscle more easily, however we do struggle with fat loss and the reason we have low body fat % is because our muscle mass is usually higher. We can often have small waists too.

How a Mesomorph should be training for best results:

  • If weight training 8-12 rep’s is recommended
  • Rest for at least 1 min in between sets
  • Moderate cardio every day is good (running, cycling, skipping etc.)
  • Hot Yoga is great for us Meso’s

What to Eat:

  • Moderate carb intake (about 40%)
  • Higher protein intake – opt for lean meats such as chicken breast, white fish like snapper and cod, salmon is great also but make sure it’s wild caught and not farmed. You can get protein from pulses and beans but to make a complete protein make sure you add seeds/nuts. If choosing tofu/tempeh always go for organic or you’ll be getting inferior soy which is usually genetically-modified.
  • Eat way less fruit and at the right time. That’s because fruit is high in fructose and harder for meso’s to metabolise, that’s why it is always best to eat fruits early in the morning and never after lunch! I have a few fruits in my morning smoothie and I always balance the smoothie with a fat (usually coconut oil) and an adequate amount of good protein such as Perfect plant protein or Perfect Hydrolyzed collagen powder.
  • If juicing make sure to only have 1 fruit in there and more veggies (celery, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, kale, lettuce) and add tang with citrus (limes or lemons) then add herbs (basil, coriander, parsley, mint) and some roots (ginger, galangal or turmeric.) It is best to always add some fat (like coconut or MCT oil)
  • Limit alcohol! This one is a hard one for me because I LOVE red wine but I know it makes me put on weight, that’s because Meso’s don’t break down alcohol sugars as well as an Ectomorph.


  • Endomorph: If you are this body type you may struggle to lose weight and gain muscle unless you understand your body type and what it needs. Endomorph’s usually have a crazy appetite (always hungry) and tend to eat bigger portions. They can get tired more than other types and accumulate body fat more easily. Endo’s generally have a slower metabolism and are often pear-shaped with bigger bums and hips.

How a Endomorph should be training for best results:

Cardio, Cardio CARDIO!!

  • Higher rep’s (repetitions)
  • Rest for 45 secs between sets
  • Cardio, cardio, CARDIO!!
  • Compound lifts will burn more calories
  • I’m gonna say hot yoga again because hot yoga (Bikram) really shreds the kg’s

What to eat:

  • Watch your portions (a fist = 1 serving)
  • Lower your carbs (30-40%)
  • Avoid processed/junk foods 98% of the time
  • Eat loads of veggies (especially green ones)
  • Drink heaps of water -this keeps you feeling fuller
  • Try to eat smaller meals more often
  • Consider natural weight loss stimulants like African mango (helps appetite and leptin-resistance) and green coffee extract (can help turn the body into a fat-burning machine). If you’re unsure what leptin-resistance is, let me explain briefly what leptin is. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling your brain that you’re full so when you have Leptin-resistance, this makes you eat more because your brain isn’t getting the proper messages. Always choose a supplement that is free from fillers and chemicals.


IMPORTANT: If you are unsure about your body type it’s always best to see a professional like a personal trainer who is trained in nutrition.




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