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Wild Yam for Hormone Balance

18 January 2024
Best Seller
Anna's Wild Yam Cream (Enriched) 100g Anna's Wild Yam Cream (Enriched) 100g

Anna's Wild Yam Cream (Enriched) 100g


These days, it's not uncommon for a woman to experience hormonal issues and these can be at various stages. These hormonal issues are what is behind many women's woes when it comes to their health and well-being.

We are talking everything from PMS, menstrual issues and peri/menopause, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, thyroid issues, depression/low mood and more.

Often women will seek a more natural alternative to what a GP may recommend, as more and more women realise natural alternatives may be a better solution for them.

We are certainly not against HRT/MRT when necessary but we caution women to make sure that this is the right option for them as their are many contraindications (which we wrote about on our IG awhile ago).

A wild yam cream is a natural alternative to drug therapy as it is non-toxic and 100% natural. This type of product is popular amongst women struggling with PMS/painful or heavy periods, menstrual issues, perimenopause/menopause and the other issues mentioned above.

What's Up with Wild Yam?

Wild yams (dioscoreavillosa) are an interesting tuber as they contain steroidal saponins (diosgenin) which has been said to influence endogenous steroidogenesis (the process in which cholesterol is converted/turned into steroid hormones - diosgenin has been said to help our body create progesterone and as you may know, progesterone is the key sex hormone that makes oestrogen, testosterone and adrenal hormones).

Progesterone is a steroid hormone and whilst wild yam itself is not a natural progesterone nor does it contain progesterone, the fact that it contains diosgenin, this can convert cholesterol into progesterone. See this reference link here.

If you haven't yet heard of Dr Barbara O'Neill (a doctor who educates on hormone balance) I encourage you to check her out. She teaches women how to naturally balance their hormones. Dr Barbara states in one of her YouTube video, that Progesterone is the key hormone and that if our Oestrogen or Testosterone are either too high or too low, that progesterone can bring them back into balance (if progesterone is at a healthy level).

Dr Barbara says in this video that Wild Yam Cream (Anna's in particular), can help the body to naturally produce progesterone, which is meant to help with oestrogen dominance and other hormonal imbalances.

Though there aren't too many studies on wild yam and female hormonal balance, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, all you need to do is speak with a woman who has used a good wild yam cream (that also contains Chaste tree and other useful ingredients), and you will have firsthand, someone who has greatly benefited.

Sometimes, anecdotal evidence is more powerful (in my opinion) as this is someone's lived experience with something. They can tell you how it helps them or didn't.

The key (as with most things in life), is consistency, using the right amount, in the right place and regularly.

I recently had a conversation with a customer about the wild yam cream that we are now stocking and she said it was the best thing she used to get her through the transition into menopause, here is what she said (in response to my IG story about the Anna's Wild Yam cream):

"That is a brilliant product it's all I used through menopause for about 3 years rubbed on my tummy morning and night never had a hot flash once in my meno it started about 47 lasted til 51-52 was smooth as and that's after having 7 kids" 😮

You can also find this conversation on our customer stories on our Instagram.

Again, whilst the studies are few, the anecdotal evidence is huge and Anna's Wild Yam cream is in such demand that there is often lengthy waits on getting more.

Even as I write this blog, we've only got less than 10 jars left and when they sell out, it may be a little while until we can replenish (through our supplier).

So if you're after this product, I highly encourage you not to delay your order.

It is selling out for a reason... because it works!

Chaste Tree

Chaste tree (also known as chasteberry) with scientific name Vitex agnus-catus), is another powerful natural healer and known to help also with hormonal imbalance. This is an important ingredient (as well as the wild yam) in Anna's Wild Yam cream.

In a Science Direct article, you will learn the effect Vitex agnus-catus (chasteberry/chaste tree) has on helping female hormones. They said:

"A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of V. agnus castus compared with placebo was shown to improve hormone levels, facilitate the recurrence of menstruation in women with amenorrhea, and ameliorate pregnancy outcome in women with fertility problems"

So as you can see, these two ingredients can be very helpful for women looking to balance their hormones and overall wellbeing. When our hormones are happy, we are happier and life is more enjoyable (for everyone) 😊

I hope you enjoyed the article and consider this incredible product (under the guidance of your trusted health practitioner of course).


PS: the second reference below was very interesting, it said that "wild yam extract acts as a weak phytoestrogen and protects against proliferation in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells". 

Who is Wild Yam Cream for?

Both men and women can benefit from using wild yam cream if they are having hormonal imbalance.

Women: women who are experiencing PMS, menstrual issues and peri/menopause, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, thyroid issues, depression/low mood and more can benefit form using wild yam cream. Please see below on instructions for use and how long to use it for.

Men: men who are experiencing penile dysfunction or low/high testosterone may benefit from using wild yam cream each day. Men can use it every day as they don't get a cycle.

How to Use it?

  • Cycling women (women who menstruate) should use wild yam cream 3 weeks out of their menstrual cycle (that is form first bleed day/day 1 until about day 21). Do not use it the week prior to your period starting (luteal phase)
  • Dip you finger into the jar up until about your first knuckle and rub into any tender part of your body morning and night before bed. This could be your neck, chest, abdomen, inner thighs, underarms, face, inside of your arms.
  • Post-menopausal women (women who no longer get a period) can apply it every day as they don't need to take a break due to no longer having a cycle. It can be used for the rest of your life.

How Long Should I Be on it for to See Results?

According to Dr Barbara O'Neill, says that if you are trying to correct a hormonal imbalance, you should be consistently using Wild Yam (Anna's in particular) for at least 1 year and if the imbalance is severe, even two years.

Now, we are not offering this as advice, this is purely information only. Please speak to your trusted health practitioner for advice and if you believe you have a hormone imbalance (which is so incredibly common nowadays), you may wish to get a blood test (through your doctor). 🩸

Curious about How Sex Hormones are Created?

I've created a little diagram to show you how our important sex hormones are created. You will see that the key sex hormone is progesterone and the key lipid in our body is cholesterol. When our progesterone is low, all of our other sex hormones and adrenal hormones can be affected/go out of balance.

How our sex hormones are made









Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner. 



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