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What to Avoid When You Have Pyrrole Disorder

22 February 2018

PART 4 - What To Avoid When You Have Pyrrole Disorder

Hi there fellow Py-rroller,

I wrote this blog as a separate one from the others because this one is just about what to avoid when you have Pyrrole's. If you'd like to check out my 3 others, they can be found here:

  1. You're Not Going Crazy
  2. Pyrrole Disorder Is a Real Condition
  3. The Pyrrole Disorder Diet

Things to Avoid When You Have Pyrrole Disorder:


When you have Pyrrole's you often have a dysfunctional methylation pathway (let me break that down for you as you're probably scratching your head)...

The methylation pathway is a biochemical pathway that manages/contributes to important bodily functions such as: detoxification, Immune function, maintaining DNA and Energy production.

Because of this we don't tend to detox well; e.g - we often get drunk very easily and have a low tolerance to drugs and cigarettes, that's why it's vital to avoid and reduce chemicals/toxins where possible.

Tips to Avoid Chemicals & Toxins:

  • Eat a whole food organic diet where possible
  • Avoid recreational drugs
  • Use only natural cleaning products like vinegar, bicarb soda, borax and essential oils
  • Switch from conventional to natural body, beauty and personal care items
  • Avoid or at least reduce alcohol intake
  • Avoid recreational drugs always!
  • Be mindful of the damage that pharmaceuticals can cause

Perfect Supplements Australia


Yeah right! (I hear you say)...

Well in today's busy world, avoiding stress all together is near impossible but it's important to learn strategies to cope and reduce this toxic emotional, mental and physical state. We can do this in a few different ways:

  • Watching how we react to situations, people and circumstances (learning to respond rather than react is the goal here).
  • Meditation is rather an obvious one but many people get so put off by the term 'to meditate' that they never actually try. You don't have to sit in lotus position and chant a bunch of mantras, you can simply lay down somewhere quiet (even under a tree) and observe the breath flowing in and out of your body. I highly recommend adding some kind of mind-quietening practice to you life, it will honestly change your life. It has helped me enormously to cope with the daily stress of running a company, not to mention all the other pressure that can come from life on earth.
  • Owning a pet can help decrease stress, there have been studies done on people who own pets as opposed to people who do not and often pet owners are way healthier (I think this may be because of the way they bring joy in and help reduce stress and anxiety?).
  • Being organised & Tidy can also help to reduce stress and anxiety naturally because when you feel organised and things are tidy and you know where they are, this helps you to feel more calm and think more clearly.
  • Write in a Journal is another way you can get some natural therapy that is because when you write your thoughts and feelings down on paper you can better process things and it helps to release it.
  • Learning to say 'No' is vital to your healing journey but also to your sanity that's because you lighten the load on yourself and take the pressure off. You are not super human (sometimes we think we are) so stop saying 'Yes' when you really mean No! I've become the queen of NO since starting my business and it has helped me cope with my Pyrrole's dramatically.
  • Getting quality sleep is absolutely paramount to reducing stress levels. When you are tired and fatigued from lack of sleep or poor quality sleep you often lapse back on taking care of yourself and are more likely also to reach for caffeine or sugar (both enemies of Pyrrole's).
  • Use 'Rescue Remedy' when in any situation that makes you feel nervous or anxious. This product can really help you feel more calm and in control.
  • Another tool for keeping your cool (hey that rhymes ha ha) is high quality essential oils such as Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. I've found the best on the market by far to be doTERRA. I also love their Geranium EO to get me back into my heart and out of my head.

Correcting diet and digestion forms an important part of long-term treatment success.


Many Pyrrole's sufferers who've embraced a GF, low to no grain, low sugar diet have seen noticeable improvements in their health. I know for me personally, that when I stay away from these things, my gut feels happier and therefore my Pyrrole's is reduced. :)


When we eat lots of sugar, dairy, refined carbs, yeast containing foods or drink alcohol we may actually be feeding the problem.

This is because we are encouraging and environment in the gut where the bad guys can flourish, bad guys such as bad bacteria, parasites and other organisms. These baddies create their own additional toxins that your body then has to contend with.

Yeast creates acetaldehyde & alcohol that can cause damage to the liver.

Another thing to mention is to avoid caffeine when you have Pyrrole's, that's because caffeine can make you more sensitive and it can also burden your already taxed adrenal glands.

This means avoiding cola drinks, coffee, black tea, caffeinated drinks, sports drinks, and pre-workout drinks and supplements that contain caffeine.

It's important to know that any drug, pain killer or medication can put more stress on the liver but if you're on med's please don't stop without consulting your physician/GP.

The worse offenders when it comes to food and Pyrrole's is anything you're intolerant or allergic to. The common ones are dairy, gluten (wheat, oats, rye, bulgur, barley, couscous, etc.), processed foods, anything with artificial /synthetic ingredients, colours & preservatives (numbers on labels), deli goods like ham, bacon, cured meats and other deli meats (these usually contain nitrates).

Basically, the more whole and natural a food is the better it is for helping heal Pyrrole disorder and most any health condition really. It's not rocket science.

Why Do I Feel Like Reaching for Alcohol and/or Eating Rubbish?

When you have Pyrrole Disorder you often have low serotonin levels (low mood, low confidence, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory and sex drive) it's amazing how everything is connected!

Ok so when you feel low on these things you usually head straight for a drink or something nasty to eat and while you may get a temporary good feeling, you end up feeling worse. It's a vicious cycle!

What these junk foods/alcohol do is they increase insulin production to help lower blood sugar levels and these higher levels of insulin act as a temporary boost in mood and reduction in anxiety, however this on no good for the liver and pancreas so it's better to treat low serotonin with tryptophan or 5HTP.

Please do not self-diagnose, it is not wise. It's always best to see your health practitioner to get their diagnosis and sometimes it may be worth seeing both allopathic and alternative practitioners to get a second opinion?

Tam x


This is not intended as health advice, I am only sharing my personal journey with Pyrrole's. Please see your trusted medical/healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.


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