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You’ve probably heard of collagen, especially because of its anti-ageing benefits, but you probably don’t know the difference between hydrolyzed or type II collagen. If it all sounds a bit like gibberish, let’s break it down so we can find out whether hydrolyzed or type II collagen is the perfect fit for you!   Considering Collagen? As we age, it’s no secret that the youthful glow we remember from our twenties starts to fade, this is because we produce less collagen — putting us at a deficit. To counterbalance that deficit, taking collagen supplements has become a favourable way to...

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There's no miracle product we can use to stop ourselves from feeling the effects of getting older, but as a pill, type 2 collagen comes pretty close. The benefits of collagen are more than skin deep*, boasting a radiant array of potential pain-relieving perks that could help you feel younger for years to come.   *For skin-benefits you might like our other collagen? Click here.   What is Type 2 Collagen? Collagen is a protein found abundantly in the animal kingdom. In the human body, collagen makes up 30% of our protein matrix. There are 16 different collagen types, but type...

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