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Spring Detox Your Way to Wellness (My Top 10 Tips)

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Spring Detox Your Way to Wellness (My Top 10 Tips)

Why Spring time can be an ideal Time to Detox 

More often than not, most people tend to hole up in winter. It is truly hard to go out when it is freezing outside, and it feels good to just stay warm, and of course eat. So when spring arrives, it feels good to get rid those winter jackets and supercharge ourselves.

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), nature assists our body to cleanse during spring season, making it the best time to detoxify and cleanse after a languorous winter. So if you are thinking about doing a tune-up for your body and feel rejuvenated, now is the best time to do it!

During springtime, we see the yellow leaves fall off from trees and bushes, thus spring is often times associated with rebirth and new life. Warm and cozy air embraces us, thus what better way to start eliminating metabolic waste, increasing energy levels, and clearing our minds!

Why Detox?

Some may think that detox is not that fundamental in order to have a healthy mind and body, that the human body is already designed to cleanse on its own. That might be true, however, the environment that we live in today is full of toxins. From the clothes we wear, pollution in the air we breathe, even the pesticides that are used to treat crops, the list can go on. Therefore, our bodies need a little bit more help.

Here are a few tips to detox, and it is best to tweak it a little to fit your lifestyle:

1. Eliminate Common Allergens. If you’re a coffee-drinker please don’t throw your cup at me but if you’re considering a detox to feel better, it’s important to eliminate caffeine from your diet but also gluten, corn, animal protein, peanuts, dairy and sugar. It’s always advisable to eat as clean as possible during the detox period.

2. Add Greens! Since our body coexists with nature, greens that are a vital part of the detox are also abundant during this season. Leafy greens such as dandelion greens, spinach, parsley, watercress, asparagus, peas, fennel, and mustard greens are good options to feel cleaner and help our body get rid of toxins.

I personally love to add spinach and fennel to my juices as well as citrus such as grapefruit and lemon and these are great detoxifiers!

3. Eat whole foods! While taking pills and supplements can help and is certainly recommended, let’s start with the most important element - food!  And not just any food, but whole foods, meaning foods as close to nature in their natural unprocessed state such as fruits, veggies, herbs, legumes, and pulses.

It’s wise to get rid of processed foods, such as hams and salamis. Also remember to stay away from foods which you buy in cans or in a box. To cut it short, it is best to buy foods which do not have a barcode. Organic is always recommended as organic doesn’t contain the heavy metals and other toxins that you’re actually trying to eliminate. But just do the best you can with what you have access to.

4. Dry Body Brushing: using a body brush before you have a shower in small circular movements starting from your toes and working your way up towards the heart can help with your lymphatic system, therefore helping remove waste materials. This can also help improve circulation and regular dry body brushing gives you soft, glowing skin! Sounds good to me :)

5. Infrared Sauna is an effective tool used for natural healing and prevention. It produces anti ageing health benefits good for the body to stay healthy. Infrared sauna is designed to provide relaxation and stress reduction. Another one of its benefits include detoxification as you sweat out all the crap due to the heat that penetrates your body. Detoxification has been proven helpful in reducing stress and fatigue, autoimmune disease, colitis, fibromyalgia and immune deficiency.

Investing in a good infrared sauna has been one of the best things I’ve done for my own health, happiness and skin for sure!

6. Bentonite clay and zeolite is both alternative medicine used to cleanse the body. Although both bentonite clay and zeolite have the same function, each one came from different sources. Bentonite is a clay that is readily available for purchase in different forms while zeolite is a crystallised mineral made up from lava and water and is sold mostly in liquid form. Both can cleanse and heal the body naturally, it also removes heavy metals and other free radicals from the body.

7. Liver Detox supplements: taking a good quality herbal supplement specifically for detoxifying the body can be a wise move. We have Perfect Liver Detox support  designed to support and maintain healthy liver function. An all natural doctor formulated herbal formula designed perfectly to support and keep the liver healthy and in tip top shape.

8. Grass powders for detox: grass powders can be very good to help the body to eliminate toxic waste and even heavy metals. I’m talking about wheatgrass, oat grass and barley grass. Plus they are loaded with nutrition vital for abundant health and wellbeing.

9. Organic Chlorella: chlorella is a micro algae that has been used by the Japanese for thousands of years because of its powers to clean the body and restore health. It is known to be highly detoxifying, especially for its ability to bind to heavy metals (due to its molecular structure) and help expel them through your faeces when you go to the toilet.

10. Organic Spirulina: spirulina is another micro-algae that has powerful cleansing benefits to the body. Like chlorella, it has the ability to draw out certain toxins, plus the added benefit of containing B12, amino acids (the building blocks of protein), GLA, calcium, iron, niacin, magnesium and potassium.  

If you were considering using either the liver detox support, a chlorella or a grass powder blend we actually have these available in a pack called funnily enough “Detox & Alkalise Pack”.

The chlorella is found in the Perfect Organic Aquatic greens as it’s a 50/50 blend of both organic chlorella and organic spirulina. This makes it an even more powerful product!

Being Mindful of our Body

It is without doubt that healthy and clean foods help in nourishing our bodies, it is also best to integrate exercise. Simple exercise would do, such as walking as you appreciate nature, or even gentle yoga will do. Also, take time to focus on your breathing and meditate. Even if it is just 5-10 minutes, take an alone time right before you get out of bed to just focus on your breath. Be still. Stress can actually weaken our immune system, so taking a break for a few minutes can be a game changer.

Doing detox is not easy, but it is a very exciting way to wake our bodies up fully. It’s totally worth it my friend! To feel the increased energy and clearer mind and start living life to our maximum potential.


Disclaimer: This article is generally based on my own experience and is not intended to give advice. One should always seek professional health advice before embarking upon any new health regime or supplementation.

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