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The Truth Behind the Teas You’re Drinking

26 August 2015

Truth About Teas

There are people who are tea dependent and they believe that tea gives them a boost of energy after a stressful day. Tea comes with a number of benefits and there’s no denying its advantages for health and its usefulness when you know what other stuff you can do with it.

Drinking tea is not new and in fact it’s existed for thousands of year. Back as far as the early Chinese dynasties. In the ancient Chinese times, drinking tea is a tradition and not only for certain occasions. The Camellia Sinensis (tea) leaves were used as a tea in a powder or ground form and placed directly into the water to infuse it with herbal essence (I don't mean the shampoo!) 🤪

Nowadays, tea is a far cry from the unadulterated version of the original Chinese tea and most brands claim that their tea provides health benefits such as antioxidants, improved digestion and helps combat diseases.

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What Is There To Know About Teas?

Modern teas can be laden with cancer causing pesticides, toxins artificial ingredients, added flavours and GMO’s. In this day and age, it is especially important to become cautious of the products we are consuming.

I’m an avid tea drinker and I used to drink conventional teas but when I found out that most teas are not washed (yuck!) before it’s even put inside a bag, I gave it up and chose organic teas! If teas aren’t washed and are sprayed with pesticides, imagine those cancer causing pesticides being poured directly into your cup (how disgusting). 🤮

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What about the Bag?

When tea is not loose it comes in a bag, that might be a paper bag (that’s often bleached with chemicals or it comes in one of those nylon bags and just imagine adding hot water to plastic and what might happen? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this isn’t a good idea….

Brand of Teas You Need To Know

I was devastated too when I discovered how toxic my favourite tea was but all that changed when I gave it up and replaced it with Planet Organic and Perfect Matchinga (a blend of Organic Matcha and moringa powder).

If you enjoy a nice grassy tea with loads of nutrients and a lovely earthiness (like a big hug from mother nature herself), you will no doubt enjoy a mug of warm matchinga tea! Add raw honey for extra taste and health benefits. I will share a list of safe Australian teas below. 🇦🇺

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Safe Teas to Take

This list is not fully-comprehensive but is just a guideline on some Australian teas that are safe as far as I know. You can click here to read a more inclusive blog.

Here are the brands:

  • Arkadia
  • Daintree Teas
  • Lotus Peak
  • Madura Teas
  • Nature's Cuppa
  • Planet Organic
  • Virgin Garden

You might like to try:

Grating some fresh ginger & turmeric and a little organic stevia powder or raw honey with hot water for a lovely anti-inflammatory tea or general health tonic. This is one of my all-time favourites! 😍

Take note of the following tea brands that does not only contain toxic pesticides, most of them contain artificial flavouring too. Brands like Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Twinings, Tetley, Bigelow, Mighty Leaf, Teavanna, Tazo, Davids Tea and many more.

They may label it with the word ‘natural’ but natural alone doesn’t mean it’s healthy and safe to consume, it’s advisable to read the labels thoroughly before purchasing a product. 🕵🏼‍♀️

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I know you may feel a bit upset right now, don’t worry because there are still many brands that can be trusted when it comes to quality organic teas like the ones mentioned above (in this article). These brands make sure that it follows sustainable farming methods and fair trade standards.

Organic teas may be a little more expensive than the conventional ones but they are 100% safe, healthy and definitely worth it! You’ll not only reap the healthy benefits of these teas, but you’re also supporting ethical, sustainable and organic farming practices. 🌱

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Stay On Top of the Game

If you don’t want to fall for the trap of commercialised teas giving you empty promises about its health benefits, then stay on top of the game by doing the following tips:

1. Always, always make it a habit to drink organic and non-GMO tea brands only! The ones mentioned above are the ones I’d recommend.

2. Read the labels thoroughly and make sure that the tea package doesn’t have added flavours and that it’s non-GMO.

3. When eating in a restaurant, bring your own tea! Most restaurants have the basic teas but they’re not usually organic.

Make healthy and informed choices when drinking tea. You might also wanna share this article to a fellow tea drinker? 🍵

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I hope you enjoyed today's blog article and please share with friends and family 🤗

Drop us a comment and let me know your favourite tea is. I love hearing from you and I always respond.


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