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Anti-ageing Pack

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Let's face it, nobody likes to age…

We all want to hold onto our youth for as long as humanly possible!

This pack has been created by carefully selecting some of our top anti-ageing supplements (I'd probably add Perfect Acai as well but I wanted to keep it reasonably priced).

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These whole food supplements work well to target different areas with regards to ageing:

Perfect Organic Chlorella: this is such a powerful detoxifier that helps to draw out toxins that age us and gives a powerful nutritional boost.

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen: this is wonderful for boosting the collagen that we lose in our 30's and beyond (after all, collagen is the main structural protein of our body and skin and necessary for elasticity!)

Perfect ResGrape Max (resveratrol): one of the purest and safest resveratrol supplements on the market as it's made from organic Muscadine grapes and contains no emodin so is gentle on the tummy. Has been known to help with slowing down ageing due to high antioxidant levels (antioxidants destroy ageing free radicals… winning!)

This pack contains Perfect Chlorella, Hydrolyzed Collagen and ResGrape Max

RRP - $148.85

Pack Price - $133.95

You Save - $14.90!

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