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Cellulite Supplements & Vitamins

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Perfect Organic Matchinga (Matcha & Moringa Powders) Perfect Organic Matchinga (Matcha & Moringa Powders)

Perfect Organic Matchinga (Matcha & Moringa Powders)

Cellulite Supplements & Vitamins

What is cellulite?

Most of us experience cellulite as we get older and even some young people get cellulite. It has a dimpled, orange-peel appearance and is caused by many factors which we will discuss soon...

I just first want to say to you (if you have cellulite) that you are normal! You are also beautiful, whole and perfect as you are, just know that. 

While getting rid of it completely is a pretty difficult task, there are ways to reduce its appearance if it bothers you greatly.

What Causes Cellulite?

  • Hormones
  • Bad diet
  • Toxin accumulation
  • Genetics
  • Weight gain
  • Inactivity
  • Pregnancy
  • Unhealthy lifestyle/habits like smoking

What Can Be Done?

You can do many things to help reduce the dimples that make us feel self-conscious in shorts, swimmers or underwear. Things like detox/cleanse your body, use a dry body brush, body scrubs that contain coffee beans, lymphasize, move your body/exercise, sensible weight loss, balance your hormones, eat well and avoid chemicals in food - including the herbicide glyphosate (that means eating organic produce where possible) and take specific whole food supplements such as the ones chosen for this collection. 

We wrote a detailed article about cellulite if you'd like to learn more about what you can do about it. Please find it here.