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Why Detox in Autumn?

08 March 2023
Dynamic Detox Pack (for detoxification)

Dynamic Detox Pack (for detoxification)


With over 20+ years of experience in detoxification, I'm obviously a big believer in its benefits.

If you ask me the best time to detox, I would have 3 different answers:

  1. When your body needs it
  2. Either autumn or spring (ideally) 🍁🌷
  3. Every single day! (by supporting detox pathways to ensure that you're clearing toxins properly)

To learn more about detox pathways, be sure to come back and read our other blog 'Open Detox Pathways Before You Detox'.

This is a subject I am incredibly passionate about as it has helped me to be healthier in many ways. I cannot imagine how sick I would be if I hadn't discovered detoxification all those years ago! (no joke).

I will eventually write a book about detox as it actually is quite a broad topic and there's lots to know.

For this article though, we will keep it simple.

Today we are focused on why autumn (and spring) are ideal times to detox. The main reason, is that during these two seasons, the weather is milder (not too hot or too cold). This makes it less stressful on the body (when detoxing during this time).

Note: If you really need to detox though, you absolutely can do it any time of the year but we would suggest doing it under the guidance of a naturopath or functional medicine doctor (either way).

Cleansing our bodies in the autumn, prepares us for the winter months ahead and it's a wonderful way to hit the 'reset' button. You just feel so amazing afterwards (and even after many days in, after you have cleared many toxins form your system).

Why Cleanse at All?

We live in a toxic world (let's face it). There really is no denying how toxic our world is and not just our world, but our own personal lives. Let me explain this...

The environment all around us (especially if we live in a city or travel for work frequently). We are often exposed to exhaust fumes from cars, airplanes, trucks and other vehicles.

Not to mention the pollution created by manufacturing and on an on.

Many of us start our day with non-organic coffee that is sprayed with toxic glyphosate (herbicide) and this has many known health risks. Read our glyphosate blog here.

After our coffee, we shower in chemical-laden shower gels and then drown our armpits in toxic deodorants or anti-perspirant, then we lather more chemicals on our skin (if we moisturise) and for the ladies, we apply makeup to our faces that contain many harmful chemicals.

We wash our clothes in laundry detergents that contain chemicals like formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphate, propylene glycol and so much more! Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Switch to natural laundry detergent - natural everything for that matter.

If this information is new to you and you're sitting there thinking "OMG, I need to throw everything out and start again", please don't stress (that is worse for your health than just about anything). Just replace an item with a natural item when it runs out.

I could go on and on for weeks with a never ending list of toxins that we are exposed to but I'll just stick to the point.

We must regularly detox!

So you may say "doesn't the liver detox naturally'? Why, yes it does but as I just mentioned, our livers these days are a lot more overburdened than they should be. 

An overburdened liver = a stressed liver. This equation equals an unhealthier, unhappier you!

Why To Cleanse? (the reasons why)

  • To support and love your liver (it does so much to keep you healthy)
  • To clear skin issues and have healthier skin 
  • To help encourage better digestion
  • To boost energy levels
  • To improve your mood and clear your mind
  • To improve the function of your immune system (everything is connected)
  • To help improve bad breath
  • To have healthier hair
  • To help slow down the ageing process
  • To create an overall feeling of wellbeing
  • To help stabilise blood sugar levels*
  • To reduce cravings*

*As long as you're not juicing fruit or eating fruit on its own.

How to Tell if You Need to detox

Your body is highly intelligent and it always speaks to you in the way that you feel (or how things are functioning). 

Below are some signs that you may need to detox:

  1. You often feel moody, down, irritated or even angry
  2. You experience bloating, poor digestion, acid reflux, gas, tummy pain or constipation regularly
  3. You get cravings for sugary or processed foods
  4. You're having skin issues such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea or botchy/itchy skin (hives is more of a histamine intolerance issue).
  5. You feel sleepy throughout the day and need to nap
  6. You rarely wake up with energy or feel refreshed after sleep
  7. You drink alcohol frequently (weekly, or worse, daily) [not judging here].
  8. You eat processed foods, junk food and sugary foods
  9. Your muscles/joints ache
  10. Your liver feels tender
  11. You feel tired and fatigued often
  12. You have problems with your gallbladder

 To see all of our blogs about detox, please click here.



Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner. 






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