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Why Choose Organic Food?


The Importance of Organic Food

Organic food is the best choice if you are someone looking for a healthier option. Gone are the days when organic food products can only be bought from organic stores, now it’s available in the grocery stores and markets. More and more people have identified the importance of eating organic food than a conventional food product. Organic foods are nutrient dense and can help prevent diseases.

Natural Vs. Organic

Natural and organic have been interchanged a lot of times, understand that both are totally different. In the year 2000, a strict and official designation was set by the United States Department of Agriculture. According to USDA, food can only be labeled as “organic” without the use of fertilizers, irradiation, toxic pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. Natural food on the other hand are not defined by certain guidelines or standards. Unlike the organic, a natural food may be natural but can still contain chemical additives and preservatives in lesser amounts. With organic food you can be assured that it’s been grown in standard farming and production practices as stipulated by the USDA.

There is little difference between the international organic standards and Australian Certified organic standard. Just make sure that when you buy organic products there is a logo like Australian Certified Organic to avoid buying imitations.

©James Mattil

©James Mattil

Why Choose Organic?

Aside from the innumerable health benefits we can get from eating organic food, here are other reasons why we must choose it over conventional food products;

1. Organic food is rich in antioxidants and has more vitamins and minerals than any other food products and is highly nutritious than non-organic food. Recent studies show that organic food can help fight cancer, improve the immune system and is helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight.

2. Organic food like fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw as it is completely free from chemical fertilizers and artificial pesticides which can be very harmful to the body. Too many non-organic food even after washing contain elements which can affect the nervous system and can develop into cancer and other diseases.

3. Non-organic products go through a process we call ‘irradiation’; this process can help reduce harmful bacteria in food and decrease the possibility of spoilage, however researchers found out that this process is not totally safe and can decrease the nutritional values of foods.

4. Organic food products are fresh and taste better than non-organic foods with added preservatives. Nothings beats fresh fruits and vegetables from our loving mother nature.

5. Organic food is best for babies and safe for children to eat. An average baby is born with 200 toxins present in the body; so by letting your child/children eat organic food products you expose them less to harmful toxins and carcinogens and the chances of diseases are also small. Eat organic foods for a happier and healthier baby!

6. Organic food contains genetically modified food also known as biotech or genetically engineered food have become acceptable to society but unknown to many, GM food can:

  • Alter the nutrients found in the food product.
  • Introduces allergens and harmful toxins into the body.
  • Creates antibiotic resistance.
  • Contaminates the genetically modified and non-genetically modified food.

Countries like Japan and Europe have banned the use of GMO’s in food.

7. Organic farmed animals eat natural food and are grown without the aid of chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics. Non-organic farmed animals accumulate pesticides and chemicals in their tissues which can be toxic and dirty. With organic livestocks, you can be sure that the animals are treated humanely and naturally and animal welfare is given a top priority.

8. Organic farming is proven safe and effective to the environment. When you care for nature, it will take care of you and there’s no doubt about it!

Buy certified organic food products and start incorporating it into your diet. Remember this: ‘The greener the better!’ Love yourself and love your surrounding by choosing what’s best. GO green, GO organic!



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