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What is Sacha Inchi? Find Out the Benefits of This Super Seed!

07 May 2020
Perfect Organic Plant Protein Powder Natural

Perfect Organic Plant Protein Powder Natural


The benefits of sacha inchi are many, earning this nutrient-dense nut-flavoured jungle seed its superfood status.

We hope you enjoy learning more about this wonderful food native to South America!

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Everything You Need to Know About Sacha Inchi

What is Sacha Inchi?

The plant, Sacha Inchi or Plukenetia Volubilis bears star-shaped seed pods that can produce 400-500 seeds annually! The pods are harvested and then dried or gently roasted before being processed. Most commonly sacha inchi is ground up, like our new plant-based protein powder, and enjoyed in a shake or smoothie!

Where are Sacha Inchi Plants Found?

Native to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, the Plukenetia Volubilis is a tropical plant that locals have been eating for over 3,000 years! It’s only now just gaining popularity, especially if you’re plant-based, as it’s naturally abundant in omegas.

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Nutritional Profile of Sacha Inchi Seeds

Sacha Inchi has a dynamic nutritional profile that can complement any diet. Here are just some of the reasons why sacha inchi is so amazing for you; in a one-ounce serving you’ll find:

  • 190 calories
  • 8g of complete protein (has all 9 essential amino acids)
    • Including being rich in the amino acid, tryptophan, which promotes better sleep and regulates moods.
  • 5g of fibre
  • Rich in healthy omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
  • Full of protective antioxidants, like Vitamin A and E.
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Potential Health Benefits of Sacha Inchi

Some of the proven health benefits of sacha inchi are:

  • Heart Healthy: Clinically these seeds have been shown to cut bad LDL cholesterol while raising heart-healthy HDL cholesterol. They also improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stabilize blood sugars for more robust heart health.
  • Improved Moods: Because of the higher amount of tryptophan - that is then converted to serotonin “the feel-good” hormone - sacha inchi seeds help control stress levels for a happier you.
  • Weight Loss: In addition to all the other perks of sacha inchi, higher levels of tryptophan and the associated serotonin means, fewer cravings.
  • May help reduce oxidative stress: Thanks to the antioxidant vitamin E present in these mighty seeds they help to protect your body from free radical damage.
  • Omega Rich: Sachi Inchi seeds are one of the highest plant-based sources of omegas. Omega-3s promote healthy hydrated skin, healthy hair, hair growth and hair loss-prevention, wound-healing, acne-prevention and helping prevent skin issues such as red/inflamed/dry or itchy skin.

Omega 3 EFS's are important for strong bones by increasing calcium intake. Omega-3s also support heart, brain and general function while omega-6s help to supply the body with energy.

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Also known as the "Incan Peanut" they taste like peanuts but are Nut-free!

Incorporating Sacha Inchi Into Your Diet

Now that you know all the health benefits of sacha inchi, let’s talk about how to introduce this nutty seed into your diet.

  • Powder: As mentioned, one of the preferred and best ways to reap the benefits of Sacha Inchi is buying it in powder form in a high-quality protein blend or exclusively; and enjoy as a shake or smoothie.
  • Dried: If your homemade trail mix is getting kind of stale, why not mix in some dried sacha inchi seeds for some added nutrition? Plus, they taste delicious too!
  • Oil: Like most superfoods, their benefits aren't limited to improving internal health, but they have a wider application when used topically. Sacha inchi oil works wonders on sensitive skin, has anti-aging properties, helps reduce inflammation and strengthens hair. However, some oils can be ingested - always be sure to read the product label before use - and can be taken individually or incorporated into a dressing or sauce!

Perfect Supplements Australia

Smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrition into your diet, especially when you add Perfect Supplements to them 😊

I hope you enjoyed this article today and you feel like it added value to your day and if you're looking for a way to try Sacha Inchi powder, you can find it in the Perfect Organic Plant Protein.











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