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The Fluoride Fallacy

Fluoride Effects

We’ve been taught since we were kids that fluoride can help strengthen our teeth and protect them. Children were asked to brush their teeth with fluoride and this chemical was even added to the public water supply or most commonly known as “fluoridated water”. Not too many people have knowledge on how damaging the effects of fluoride can be to a person’s health. It was reported that fluoride is a toxin and is highly detrimental to the teeth, body and even the brain.

Let’s take a closer look at fluoride and why it is damaging to the body. There are two kinds of fluoride–calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride, both can be harmful to health when taken in excess.

Calcium fluoride is believed to be the fluoride that can prevent tooth decay. However, when calcium fluoride is used excessively it does the opposite; it can actually weaken the bones and the teeth.

Sodium fluoride on the other hand is much more indirect in terms of application or consumption. It is added to many public water supplies, it contains harmful chemicals such as lead, aluminum and cadmium and sodium fluoride has the ability to mix with other toxic materials and can increase their potency. Sodium fluoride may cause the weakening of your immune system and may damage the liver and kidneys.

Effects of Fluoride To Your Body

The National Research Council Scientists have extensively documented the damaging effects of fluoride. Adverse changes in the mental functioning (like low IQ level) of children have been observed even when exposed to smaller amounts of lead and cognitive ability is further reduced when the child has iodine deficiency. Meanwhile, Alzheimer’s disease can affect older persons when fluoride is taken in excess amount. The age group that is most at risk of fluoride toxicity are infants and small children.  Fluoride can cause neurodevelopmental toxins that can damage a baby’s brain, this is why breastmilk is highly recommended for infants and toddlers to keep their teeth strong and protected rather than using toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen teeth.

How To Avoid Fluoride

You may think you have avoided fluoride entirely but wait until you find out that it’s not only added in water, fluoride can be found in the food that you eat too. Fluoride is used as a pesticide and is sprayed onto food crops, it is also a added into home insecticides and bottled water, toothpaste and baby foods. Consumers have no control over what they buy in the market and grocery stores but definitely they have the power to say no and look for alternatives.

1. Start by drinking purified water. If your area has fluoridated water you may wish to install a filtering system to your water supply or use a filter system such as a Nikken or an ALPS that takes out around 99% of the fluoride and other toxins. These kind of systems also alkalise and re-mineralise your water, making it the ultimate healthy hydration.

2. Choose to buy organic produce grown locally in your community rather than commercially grown crops.

3. Avoid processed foods such as meat, grape juice, instant tea and soy milk. All these contain high levels of sodium fluoride.

4. If possible, avoid taking over-the-counter medications and opt for natural healing treatments when you are sick.

Effects of Fluoride To Your BodyDetox Your Body

Fluoride plays a big part in our everyday life. You can still eliminate fluoride in your body by minimising the use of fluoride or do a total detox. Here’s what you might like to do:

1. Exercise to eliminate the different types of toxins through sweat. It feels good to sweat it all out after a workout, right?

2. Iodine is proven clinically to expel a great amount of fluoride through urine. Once expelled, it converts to calcium fluoride and to counter calcium problem you may need to take a calcium supplement to make sure you don’t deprive your body with its nutritional needs.

3. Magnesium supplement may inhibit the absorption of fluoride into the cells. Boron is also known to be an effective way to eliminate fluoride.

4. Liver cleansing will not only eliminate fluoride, also other toxins that can be found in the liver. Chelation therapies is also one way of removing heavy metals inside the body including sodium fluoride.

5. Zeolite (a powerful chelator) can be an extremely effective way of removing harmful toxins from our body such as fluoride. I personally use zeolite powder to detoxify.

6. Chlorella is also a very powerful heavy metal detoxifier/chelator and may be helpful for removing harmful nasties in your body such as fluoride, mercury and more!

7. Coriander (Cilantro to my American friends) is a great food to add to your diet because it is also another great chelator. Great in salads, smoothies, pesto, stir frys, dressings and more!


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