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The Beauty Benefits of Red Dragon fruit (pink pitaya)

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The Beauty Benefits of Red Dragon fruit (pink pitaya)

Such an Unattractive Fruit with Beautiful Benefits

This may come as a surprise but the red dragon fruit is loaded with magical health benefits that suits its name perfectly. Red dragon fruit also known as pink pitaya or pitahaya grows mostly in tropical and sub-tropical regions in Central America, Australia (northern NSW, QLD and NT) and some Southeast Asian countries. Its appearance is similar to that of a cactus but is reddish pink in color making it attractive, vibrant and enticing to eat. There are dragon fruits that have yellow skin looking like pineapples. Inside, there’s plenty of seeds that are edible but crunchy to eat and the taste can be sweet with a sour blend like a kiwi fruit. Personally, I love eating dragon fruit because they’re so refreshing and juicy but also they’re abundant in nutrients and good for my health.

Immune Boosting

The next time you feel like your body is giving up on you, eat a dragon fruit! Dragon fruit has a flu fighting component called flavonoids making it rich in vitamin C. In fact, it is considered to be one of the top sources of vitamin C. Never underestimate what a dragon fruit can do because it is not only full of vitamin C, it is also rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that can really make a big difference to your immune system as it helps fight disease.

Good for the Heart

It is also good to know that dragon fruit is a heart healthy food making it a good assistant in decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) while improving the good cholesterol (HDL). Every year there are about 175 million people who die from heart diseases and the dragon fruit seeds makes an excellent source of monounsaturated fats that can help keep the heart in tip top shape.

The little black seeds of a dragon fruit is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, these two helps in decreasing cardiovascular disease risk.

On some blogs/websites people say that dragon fruit is fat-free but they are forgetting the seeds contain good fats and may I emphasise the ‘good’! Our bodies need good fats to be healthy so please don’t get sucked into the fat-free craze.

Cancer Prevention

Not too many fruits have potential cancer prevention factors but the dragon fruit is an exception. It is a potential cancer fighting food that contains phyto albumin (highly regarded for their antioxidant qualities) and cancer preventing qualities. Another cancer preventive phytonutrient found in dragon fruit is lycopene. There are studies that show the effectiveness of lycopene to prevent chemo effects for skin, lung, breast, liver and prostate cancer.

Ageless Looks

Maintaining your appearance and looking younger takes a lot of effort especially as you age (specifically with us women). The dragon fruit can do wonders to help one maintain a youthful glow and it does a lot of work to the keep the skin looking young and healthy by making it tight and firm. Vitamin C in dragon fruit does that for you and by now you may be writing it down on your list of fruits to eat everyday! Age gracefully and stay young looking with a daily dose of these life-enhancing fruits from mother nature.

Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, eat a dragon fruit and see amazing results in no time. No more unhealthy snacking when you can eat this wonder fruit that leaves you satisfied and the best thing about it? It doesn’t make you feel full and bloated (#winning?)

Aids in Digestion


It’s amazing what the dragon fruit can do to help aid in digestion. If you’ve been having trouble with your bowel movements, this one could be the answer. It has more fibre in it that you might know and it’s crazy to think how a dragon fruit can eliminate constipation and help prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) problems.


Others are too scared to eat dragon fruit probably because of its weird appearance. What they don’t know is they are missing one half of their life not eating this crazy looking fruit! Make this your new favorite fruit and slay your dragons out of the way. Now I know why they say “the weirder the better!” Take it from the dragon fruit.


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