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The Amazing Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Protein

08 November 2021
Perfect Organic Plant Protein Powder Natural

Perfect Organic Plant Protein Powder Natural


Pumpkins are more than just for carving, they’re also excellent for your health too! Pumpkin seeds, in particular, are packed with protein, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Eaten raw, toasted or powdered and added to your favourite protein shake, like our new vegan protein powder; pumpkin seeds are an inexpensive but effective way to increase your daily nutrition.

Perfect Pumpkin Protein and More!

Perfect Supplements Australia

Talk about an amazing fruit, who knew the pumpkin was such a powerful protein source? But that’s not all, here are some of the main reasons why pumpkin seeds are so beneficial to your health.

(I still can't call it a fruit even though technically it is)



These are just some of the wonderful nutritional aspects of pumpkin seeds and how incorporating them into your diet can enhance your health!

In one 28 gram serving of pumpkin seeds you’ll find:

  • 7g of protein
  • 6g of omega-6s
  • 42% RDI of Manganese (needed for various processes such as controlling sugar levels)
  • 37% RDI of Magnesium (needed for proper body functioning)
  • 33% RDI of Phosphorus (for energy and bone health)
  • 23% RDI of Iron (for energy and body functioning)

Health Benefits

You’re probably thinking, “it’s great pumpkin seeds sound so healthy, but how can they actually improve my wellbeing?” Well, these are some reasons why pumpkin seeds are a perfect protein!

  • Powerful Antioxidant: Containing high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin E, antioxidants work to strengthen your immune system. So by consuming pumpkin seeds you’ll reduce inflammation and protect your body from disease.
  • Bone Health: Thanks to the magnesium present in pumpkin seeds, just like calcium, magnesium not only improves bone density but it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Cancer-Fighting: Pumpkin seeds have been linked to the reduction of different cancers, namely breast and colon. Studies have found that eating these seeds actually can prevent and treat these cancers.
  • Weight Control: Containing fibre, pumpkin seeds curb your appetite by making you feel full to help you lose weight.
  • Heart Healthy: If you want to keep your heart healthy, pumpkin seeds with their antioxidant and nutrition profiles work together to protect your heart from disease. These seeds also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure for a happier heart.
  • Controls Blood Sugar: Especially important if you have type 2 diabetes, the high magnesium content can help to control blood sugar levels.
  • Better Sleep: A goodnight’s sleep is just a few pumpkin seeds away. Naturally rich in amino acids tryptophan, magnesium and zinc, pumpkin seeds help promote better quality sleep so you wake up feeling recharged and ready to tackle the day ahead!

Incorporating Pumpkin Seeds into Your Diet

Perfect Supplements Australia


Since pumpkins are not in short supply, their seeds are both inexpensive and easily added to your diet! The best ways to scoop more pumpkin seed protein into your diet are:

  • Raw or Roasted: Eat them whole, by adding them to your trail mix or stirring them into your yogurt for extra nutrition.
  • Powdered: Another excellent way to eat your pumpkin seeds, is when it’s been powdered and added to a protein shake. It doesn’t get any easier than adding a scoop of our vegan protein powder to your smoothie for you to reap the benefits of the pumpkin seed.

If you want to increase your health, it’s time you started eating pumpkin seeds! Not only do they taste good, but they’re also easily introduced to your diet!

Grab yourself a tub of Perfect Organic Plant Protein powder, made with organic pumpkin seeds, organic hemp seeds and organic sacha inchi seeds. You'll be glad you did! 😍


The amazing benefits of Pumpkin Seed Protein


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