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Take Back Your Sanity from Peri/Menopause

18 October 2022

Evidence-Based ✅


Take Back Your Sanity with this blog and Our New Perimenopause Pack


Perimenopause and menopause can be difficult for women as so many changes occur (not all of them welcome).


If you're here reading this blog, there's a good chance you are a woman going through either of these phases and seeking help and support.


These phases are tricky for us as we navigate the waters of pre-menopause symptoms and actual menopause for many of you.


We don't feel as good as we could, and the things we may experience could be:

  • Irregular periods: Your period may become erratic and unpredictable. You may be in early perimenopause if you notice a persistent change and cycle length. If you have a break between periods of 60+ days, this may indicate that you're late perimenopausal.
  • Hot flashes and Sleep Issues: During perimenopause, hot flashes are common. For some women, they are more intense and occur more frequently, but you must know that hot flashes have to be your destiny; none of this does. You don't have to experience night sweats and embarrassing flushing. We believe that with the proper diet, supplementation and a few lifestyle adjustments, a woman can move smoothly through this phase of her life.
  • Mood Changes: During perimenopause, we may notice our moods are not the same; we may get snappy with others, impatient and frustrated. We may even feel more anxious or experience depression during this time. Our mood changes can affect our relationships, which can be difficult. So much is changing with our hormones; how could we not experience undesirable effects? But as mentioned, we can do many things to help support ourselves to make life more enjoyable.
  • Fatigue: As hormones fluctuate, energy can dip during this time, and women become fatigued. This fatigue can exacerbate the problem. As women, we spend so much time looking after everyone else's needs, and during this time, we need to ask for help and take things off our plates. We need to PRIORITISE rest, self-care, gentle movement, time in nature and even meditation. Alcohol use should be minimal as alcohol affects our hormones, mind/brain, sleep, and energy levels. 
  • Brain Fog: Trouble concentrating and remembering things does not mean you're having a "senior moment", but it should be taken seriously. The health of our brain matters greatly, and many people don't take their brain health seriously enough! Tending to our sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise can help our brain immensely. We may also consider adding brain boosters such as Rhodiola (in our Perimeno Magic pack), Lion's maneMCT oil and cod liver oil (for brain-loving omega-3 fatty acids). 
  • Bladder and Vaginal Issues: When our oestrogen levels plummet (as they tend to during this time), the tissues around our vagina can lose elasticity and lubrication. Sex may become painful and offputting. Low oestrogen levels can also make a woman vulnerable to infections (urinary and vaginal). A loss of tone in the tissues can also lead to urinary incontinence. If you are experiencing these things, we suggest you speak to a health professional.


What Can Help?


Low-Carb Food Choices 


Choosing a Low-carb diet during perimenopause (and menopause) can help you in many ways and areas mentioned here.


Eating low-carb and incorporating more protein and healthy fats is a great way to improve your overall well-being regardless of what phase of your hormonal journey.


Low-carb eating (appropriately done through whole foods and whole food supplements) can improve the following:

  • Our weight and body composition (which improves our confidence)
  • Our sleep quality
  • Our energy to function and deal with life
  • Our mind, brain and mood
  • Our hormones and much more!

It's no secret that blood sugar spikes affect your mood, making you more irritable and less patient. Blood sugar spikes also make us more lethargic & tired and less able to concentrate.


Rest & Self-care


If you're a busy woman (we all are) but a woman who puts every task and everyone before herself, this message today are for you.


You must make some changes here, or it will impact your health in the long run (and not positively)!


If you do not learn to take things off your to-do list and learn to quit people-pleasing, you will suffer as your health and sanity suffer.


Take time to do things during your week (or at least your weekend) that fill up your cup. It could be spending time in nature, with animals, the bush, ocean, reading, getting a massage, meditating or whatever it is for you.


Self-care is not selfish; it is paramount to your thriving and happiness.


Rest and self-care help keep our hormones balanced, which should not be overlooked!




Not everyone likes the word 'exercise', but everyone realises that our body needs to move to stay healthy. Not just for our body and brain but for our mind (how we feel and function each day).


When we are moving through life, we may feel that to be well, we need to exercise intensely, but this is not true! 


Our body responds incredibly to walking. We may wish to incorporate some resistance exercise, but if you only have time to walk, that is better than nothing.


I love to walk most days but also enjoy the gentle practice of yin yoga. Might you like this too?




As mentioned, whole food supplements can benefit women undergoing peri/menopause. They contain certain compounds or nutrients that help us in many ways. 


We put together a package just for you if you are looking for help and support here. In the following paragraphs, I will explain what these products may do for you.


Plant Protein (Perfect Plant Protein Powder) 💚


Why does Protein Matter so much?


Getting adequate protein each day is vital for our health and hormonal balance. 


If you're on a low-carb diet, you will naturally eat more protein (and fats).


The amount of protein a woman should aim for is around 1.3g per kg of body weight. 


Example: If you weigh 68kg, you'd need around 88.4 g of protein daily! 

(68 x 1.3 = 68)


If you do your calculation and try this amount of protein over your day, see how you feel and if you need to add more, add more.


Signs You're Not Getting Enough Protein 


If you're not getting enough protein, you will notice the following symptoms:

  1. Swelling (abdomen, legs, feet, hands)
  2. Changes in your mood (depression or aggression)
  3. Hair, skin and nails issues: Brittle or thinning hair, dry, flaky skin, ridges in your fingernails
  4. Feeling fatigued
  5. Feeling hungry: Protein keeps you satiated as well as healthy fats. Carbohydrates can have the opposite undesirable effect.
  6. Slow-to-heal injuries
  7. Getting sick often and staying sick

Sources of Protein

  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Fish & seafood (oysters are great)
  • Organ meats (or organ supplements)
  • Chicken & turkey
  • Cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese, milk and butter
  • Legumes and pulses (though they can be hard on digestion)
  • Plant Protein Powders (such as this one)
  • Collagen Powder (such as this one)
  • Gelatin Powder (such as this one)
  • Broth (or a powder form)
  • Nuts and seeds (soaked and activated for best digestion)


Rhodiola Rosea 🌼


Rhodiola Rosea is one of the best herbs for women's health because it can cover many things for us. Everything from improving energy and sleep to helping with stress and mental function (memory, cognition, focus, anxiety, depression) and metabolic issues.


Rhodiola has been shown to help menopausal women in many ways (that would apply to perimenopause. One of our customers, Kimbo, used Rhodiola for hot flashes, and she had incredible success!


You can see her video testimonial here (but be sure to come right back)


I think anecdotal evidence IS evidence! We can't claim that any supplement can have any of these effects. Still, you can certainly get the right idea when you read the studies or listen to others share their experience.


The studies don't lie; see for yourself.


Resveratrol 🍇


A scientific study was conducted in 2017 in Australia that found resveratrol can be beneficial to slow down aging in menopausal women. 


Rapid aging has been shown to occur during menopause, so finding ways to slow it down is an excellent idea. Taking a high-quality resveratrol supplement such as this one is a great option.


We added ResGrape max (trans-resveratrol) to this pack because we see many potential benefits for a woman's well-being. We see this pack as ensuring good health now and in the future.


Potential and Known Benefits of Resveratrol:

  • Anti-aging
  • It may help to support oxidative stress
  • Antioxidant support during stressful times
  • Rich in phytoestrogens
  • It may be a natural alternative to HRT (hormone replacement therapy)
  • Heart health
  • Lung health/respiration
  • Neuro-protective 
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


Liver Detox Support 🌿


Why is a functioning, healthy liver so essential for perimenopause and menopause? Let's list all the reasons to help you understand why we've added the Perfect Liver Detox Support capsules to this pack.

  1. If your liver isn't functioning correctly, you will crave sweets and carbohydrates (further imbalance to your hormones occurs)
  2. If your liver isn't functioning correctly, it won't store energy well, so you may feel fatigued and even exhausted.
  3. If your liver isn't functioning correctly, you may notice digestive problems (it's all connected, you see).
  4. If your liver isn't functioning correctly, you won't be detoxing well, which can cause headaches, weight gain, skin issues and low energy.
  5. If your liver isn't functioning correctly, you may experience insomnia. Did you know that your liver regulates your sleep/wake cycle hormones? Your wake-up hormone is cortisol, and your sleep hormone is melatonin. Melatonin is also your body's most potent antioxidant.

Taking a good liver detox support supplement can help your liver to function better, thus affecting your health in all the positive ways mentioned.


Try Perfect Liver Detox Support today, or better yet, try our PeriMeno Magic Pack with all the supplements highlighted in this blog.


PeriMeno Magic Pack


Enjoy 10% off this pack for your first time using the code: MENOMAGIC



















Disclaimer: This article is strictly informational and not intended as health advice. Statements made have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent. One should always consult with their trusted health professional before adding a new supplement to their diet.


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