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Lately, mental health issues have been more rampant than ever. News about suicide and suicide attempts has almost always been in the news every single day. Depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD are just some of the few mental health issues that have slowly but surely been creeping in on  society. According to the World Health Organisation, there are already 300 million people worldwide suffering from depression at the moment. Mental health issues as well as stress are the root to several health issues. A lot of people in one way or another have been having a hard time coping, and this...

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Why does Hair Turn Grey? You probably noticed your dad or mum’s hair go grey as they get older and maybe you’ve noticed your own greys too? Old age isn’t the only reason why hair turns grey. Hair is considered our crowning glory and taking good care of it entails a bit of hair investments here and there. However, premature depigmentation can occur for people who are predisposed to grey hair thus making grey hair appear sooner, so for some grey hair may be a given and one can either choose to embrace the grey/white hair or dye it. It’s...

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