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When I look at the woman in the image above, the first thing that comes to my mind is vibrant health and truly vibrant health is when the systems in our body are strong, I'm talking about the gut, energy systems, endocrine, immune system and more... The focus today, however (with coming into cold & flu season), is immunity. Your immune system is your primary defence against contracting an illness or warding off diseases. So it stands to reason that if you want to fortify your immunity and cheat sickness then it’s time to put the spotlight on your diet....

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Health is the cornerstone of everything and it affects how we show up in the world, how we show up for others, how we show up to serve and how happy we are. It's pretty hard to feel happy and good about life and even others when our health is failing us and a huge part of staying healthy is having a strong immune system to protect us from microbial invasion (such as viruses). With the current crisis (COVID-19), people far and wide are beginning to understand how truly important their wellbeing is, including their immune systems. Many of us...

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It’s a universal truth that nobody likes getting sick. Thankfully there are ways you can boost your immune system to help give you an advantage. Superfoods can promote a healthy immune system which helps to decrease your chances of getting a bacterial or viral infection so less time being ill and more time living life!   Superfoods The term superfood is interchangeable with eating well, but what makes a food super? Essentially, it means a diet rich in foods that are low-calorie and packed with an array of nutrients for your best health. By incorporating superfoods into your diet you’re...

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With the weather beginning to cool down, we can often see an increase in virus and bacterial infections. Why is this so? In the cooler months of autumn, winter and spring, viruses like the Rhino Virus are often at their peak (this is not to say other viruses may not also be at their highest level during these times as well). Certain viruses may have the tendency to spread during these seasons so it’s important if not vital to boost your immune system now to prevent getting sick. Getting sick is always awful and once the infection has set in,...

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