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How is Eating Liver Good for the Immune System?

12 July 2021
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There’s never been a better time than now to strengthen your immune system, and fortunately, if you’re looking for a quick fix, one of the best all-natural ways to crank up your immunity is to eat liver.

Of course, it’s easy to make a snap judgement at the mere mention of eating liver—it has a polarising effect on people—but, if you’re willing to bear with us, we hope to surprise you with all the tremendous health benefits that come with eating liver. (and if you just can't stomach it, we have a solution for you if you read on...)

The Immune System

Before we get into the health benefits of eating liver and how they contribute to a more robust immune system, let's discuss the importance of having a good immune system.

Quite simply, the immune system is a network of cells, organs and chemicals that defend our body from viruses or bacteria (microbes). This same system is continuously evolving. Certain types of white blood cells catalogue all the microbes the body has successfully fought off so the body can quickly dispose of the microbe its encountered before.

Therefore, a strong immune system means better health.


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The Health Benefits of Liver

If you research ancient delicacies from around the world, you’ll find a food item that nowadays is shunned or worse, villainized and branded as bad for your health: and that’s liver. Part of the reason eating liver has fallen out of favour is that the medical community has deemed liver as “dangerous” for your health. This could not be further from the real truth.

You only need to see the many traditional cultures around the world who consume liver and other organ meats and glands, these cultures often have very high levels of health when compared to modern western diets.

Is liver dangerous?

Absolutely not; this “fact” is entirely fiction and born from:

  • Assumption #1: It’s a filter organ; therefore, it contains a plethora of toxins that are dangerous to your health. The only correct thing about this assumption is that the liver is a filter organ. Apart from that, the liver does not store toxins; that’s the role of the nervous system and fatty tissues.
    • Fact: The liver stores vital nutrients — which we will cover in the why you should eat liver section. I created a video all about this over on our Youtube Channel. You can watch it here.


  • Assumption #2: The liver contains dangerous levels of vitamin A, and too much vitamin A is bad for your health — especially for expectant mothers as it can cause birth defects. While all this is scary stuff, it’s important to recognise that overdosing has been primarily linked to synthetic vitamin A consumption. To avoid mega-dosing, eat no more than 50,000 IU vitamin A per serving/ twice a week.

Vitamin A is a nutrient that simply doesn't get enough air time, it is also very misunderstood as "health experts" claim it is bad but they are actually talking about synthetic forms of this nutrient. Vitamin A is absolutely VITAL in developing a healthy baby and a nutrient that we need all throughout our adult lives for robust health and strong immune function.

Why You Should Eat Liver

Perfect Supplements Australia

There are many reasons you should eat liver, but the most compelling reason is its nutrient-dense. These are some of the ways eating liver can boost your immune system:

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is great for eyesight and plays a supporting role in keeping you healthy by creating mucus barriers and making white blood cells. Both functions help trap and dispose of microbes.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Vitamin B6 helps make antibodies that your body uses to keep your immune system vibrant. This b-vitamin is involved in nervous system functions and enzyme reactions (processing the food you eat).
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate): Like all b-vitamins, vitamin B9 or folate (folic acid in synthetic supplements) helps build protein and helps create blood cells that promote a healthy metabolism.
  • Iron: Iron is needed to help move oxygen throughout your blood and plays a role in many vital bodily functions. Since iron is an essential nutrient, it’s important for everyone, especially women, to ensure they’re reaching their RDI. Iron plays a role in our immune system too.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is an abundant mineral involved in a whopping 600 reactions in the body! Magnesium is involved in: creating energy, making protein, maintaining genes (creating and repairing), reducing inflammation and regulating the nervous system. It is also involved in our immune function.
  • Selenium: Selenium is an antioxidant that protects your body from free radical damage, has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.
  • Zinc: Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps immune cells develop and is a common mineral used to treat colds, as taking 80-92 mg/day can shorten the length of a cold by 33%.

So as you can see, liver can provide real strength to ones immune system but it contains many other important nutrients for overall health - amino acids, choline, copper, CoQ10 enzyme, other B vitamins, vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, protein and more!

How to Eat Liver

If the strong smell of liver repulses you, fear not because there is an alternative — Perfect Supplements Grass-Fed Desiccated Liver Capsules! You’ll reap all the benefits of eating liver without the taste.

All you have to do is follow the recommended dosage on the bottle — consult with your doctor if you’re unsure if this product is right for you — and you’ll enjoy a healthier, more robust immune system!

For a Stronger Immune System, Eat Liver

If you’ve been looking for a health elixir for a stronger immune system, then it’s time you considered eating liver. Whether you eat liver or supplement with our Perfect Supplements Grass-Fed Desiccated Liver Powder you’re strengthening your immune system for a healthier, happier you!

Or as mentioned, capsules if you prefer 😃 Click here for the capsules or the image below for the powder.














Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner.


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