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Desiccated Liver, Immune system, Liver, Viral infection -

It’s a universal truth that nobody likes getting sick. Thankfully there are ways you can boost your immune system to help give you an advantage. Superfoods can promote a healthy immune system which helps to decrease your chances of getting a bacterial or viral infection so less time being ill and more time living life!   Superfoods The term superfood is interchangeable with eating well, but what makes a food super? Essentially, it means a diet rich in foods that are low-calorie and packed with an array of nutrients for your best health. By incorporating superfoods into your diet you’re...

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With the weather beginning to cool down, we can often see an increase in virus and bacterial infections. Why is this so? In the cooler months of autumn, winter and spring, viruses like the Rhino Virus are often at their peak (this is not to say other viruses may not also be at their highest level during these times as well). Certain viruses may have the tendency to spread during these seasons so it’s important if not vital to boost your immune system now to prevent getting sick. Getting sick is always awful and once the infection has set in,...

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Desiccated liver, desiccated liver capsules, desiccated liver powder, Desiccated liver supplement, Desiccated liver supplements, Dried liver, Grass-fed desiccated liver capsules, Grass-fed desiccated liver powder, Grass-fed liver, liver supplement -

‘Is liver a superfood and is it good for our health?’ This is one of the questions people are often worried about. For centuries, our ancestors have consumed all the great edible parts of livestock. These days it’s not common to eat “nose to tail” and therefore, are often miss out of a lot of nutrition. Grass-fed liver (including desiccated liver supplement), among all edible parts of animals, is one of the most nutrient-rich foods that you can use in your everyday diet. Here is a list of some great and undeniable health benefits of consuming liver and why it...

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Desiccated liver, desiccated liver capsules, desiccated liver powder, Desiccated liver supplements, Grass-fed beef liver, Grass-fed desiccated liver capsules, Grass-fed desiccated liver powder, Keto diet, Liver, Liver powder -

There's a common misconception that eating liver is not good for you... Some people believe that liver contains and stores toxins but it actually stores nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and it's not the job of the liver to store toxins, but rather to filter them out. Back in the "olden days" many of our grandmothers would serve up liver dishes to their children (our parents) and it was a common part of people's diets.  What Happened to Eating Liver? Somewhere along the way the tradition died and I'm not sure why? Maybe it has to do with the taste? (liver...

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How amazing is nature I mean really? It provides us with exactly what we need at the time of year we need it! Like mushrooms... They are in their peak in the winter months because that's when our body's need the nutrition they provide such as vitamin D, B vitamins, copper, potassium selenium and even some protein. Some mushrooms even contain iron such as shiitake and oyster. Portobello mushrooms can provide you with 7IU/100g of vitamin D but it's important that they see the sunlight to obtain this and I think the only way to know this for sure would...

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