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A low-carb Super Fruit for Age-Defying Skin Radiant skin isn’t just about using the right skin creams; it’s about radiating from the inside out and nothing makes your skin glow like a healthy lifestyle. For many, a healthy lifestyle includes a few choice supplements—and there are supplements that are tailor made to address good skin and overall health, like those found in our Perfect Supplements Radiant Skin Pack. This powerful combo includes a powerhouse trifecta for exceptional skin health: baobab (anti-ageing effects), hydrolyzed collagen (maintains skin elasticity and plumpness) and magnesium (promotes even, moist skin).    Today, I want to...

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Baobab, Cordyceps, Fluid retention, Magnesium, Perimenopause -

Fluid retention, also known as water retention and more formally, oedema, is not only physically uncomfortable, but it prevents your body from operating properly.  Leaving you feeling heavy and sluggish, fluid retention can also cause weight gain and the look of denting on your flesh when you apply pressure to affected areas, which tend to be our extremities, like the hands, legs, ankles, and feet. What Causes Fluid Retention Let's first talk briefly about possible, but more unlikely causes of fluid retention. These include problems with lymphatic drainage, which can be a genetic issue, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can...

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Baobab may just be your new secret weapon in the quest for ageless, gorgeous skin. This powerful fruit native to Africa has many incredible health benefits, and radiant skin is one of the big ones. Thanks to its high content of many important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, baobab can improve your body's largest organ from the inside out, leaving you with stunning skin.  Baobab in powdered form is super easy to incorporate into your daily routine, so there’s no reason not to reap the benefits of this super fruit. Mix it into your daily smoothie, water, or tea for a burst...

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Who ever said that you "can't have your cake and eat it too" has never tried these healthy brownies. I'm calling them "brownies with benefits" because a) they are soooo darn healthy and b) because I'm playing on the valentine's theme if you know what I mean? If you don't you soon will... You will LOVE these brownies if you: Are following a low-carb lifestyle Are on a diet or reducing sugar Are looking for yummier ways (than eating sauerkraut) to improve your gut health Are seeking more hormonal balance Are looking for healthier chocolate alternatives Are tired of a...

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What on Earth is Baobab? Baobab is a fruit grown mainly in Africa from baobab trees (also known as the "bottle tree"). These super fruits come with a wide range of potential health benefits. From increasing your vitamin and antioxidant intake, weight loss, blood sugar balance, skin health, gut health, bloating, to fighting inflammation, illness and disease, this fruit can be a highly valuable addition to your diet.  In fact, the more I learn about it, the more I am blown away! How do you say it? While in some parts of the world, they pronounce it bay-o-barb, here is...

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