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Perimenopause and Menopause... the Struggle is REAL.

Menopause, Perimenopause, Resveratrol -

Perimenopause and Menopause... the Struggle is REAL.

If the title of this blog prompted you to keep reading, you may be going through this transitional phase too and yes, perimenopause/menopause struggle is real.


There's no question about it unless you are some kind of advanced human from some magical utopia where hormone imbalance does not exist?


I think not.


Hormone havoc happens to us women folk and it can be in varying degrees...


Grab yourself a cuppa, a cosy spot and settle in for the next 10 minutes to absorb today's blog.


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I know personally, I've had my struggles and found out last year at the age of 39 that I'm in early perimenopause and I will talk more about this soon but today (and always) I'd rather focus on you!


I do plan to talk more about what I went through/am going

through and how I'm handling it all so stay tuned for that...


Out of balance hormones are extremely common for us women throughout our hormonal journey, whether in our teens, 20's 30' 40's, 50's and even sometimes in our 60's!


But we're talking perimenopause and menopause specifically today and the big issue many of us face is low oestrogen.


When oestrogen is low, we experience all kinds of whacky symptoms that make our day-to-day lives unpleasant and at times, UNBEARABLE!


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You may know what I'm referring to here:

  • Mood swings
  • Irregular or absent periods
  • Breast tenderness
  • Hot flashes
  • Headaches and even migraines
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Tiredness & fatigue
  • Disrupted sleep and on and on!


Perfect Supplements Australia


Perfect Supplements Australia


I'm sure many reading this email will be nodding along and identify with what I'm saying or at least some of it and maybe for you, it's not hot flashes or sweats but other symptoms?


It's not my intention to remind you of what you may be going through, what would be the point of that?


I'm here to help you.


As one hormonal goddess to another, I'm here to offer support. 🤲🏻


This support will come in the form of information to empower you and I have LOTS of vital info. coming your way if you stick around...


The support can also come from nature and it is backed by science.


Have you heard or read about using resveratrol for peri/menopausal symptoms?


Let me explain...


Resveratrol has been shown to be helpful for such symptoms because it contains plant phytoestrogens and also antioxidants. 


During this transitional time, more often than not, there's a drop in oestrogen levels and this drop acts inside the body like a kid having a tantrum in a candy store, knocking all the lollies off the shelf when they're told: "it's time to go now"...


Low oestrogen causes everything I mentioned above.


Resveratrol is known to help also with many other things that we women worry about such as ageing (slowing it down), cardiovascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol, brain health, balanced blood sugar, joint health and much more!


Now I certainly cannot sit here and claim it does anything, nor can I do about any supplement but there are plenty who say it does.


I think it's always good to do your own research and I encourage that!


If you do decide to do your own research as you should, you will soon see that there is plenty of positive stuff out there on what this natural compound can do.


David Sinclair comes to mind...


David is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics best known for his advocacy for resveratrol as an anti-ageing dietary supplement and potent medication.


If you haven't heard of him, be sure to check him out.


So more importantly, where can you find some of the highest and most pure resveratrol on planet earth?


Well, right here of course. 

Pictured above is our most popular resveratrol supplement: Perfect ResGrape Max. The difference between ResGrape products is the strength, ResMax is double the strength.

I hope you enjoyed the blog today and be sure to share this article far and wide because there are countless women's lives we could positively affect if they had access to this information.

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If you have any questions or difficulties please get in touch with us, we genuinely care about our customers as if they were family.

Kind regards,

Tam x 




Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert medical advice from their trusted health practitioner.


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