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How to Make a Natural Skin Brightening Face Mask

31 May 2019
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As we get to a certain age, we look more closely at our skin and we begin to notice more imperfections such as pigmentation from years of sun exposure, visible signs of ageing such as fine lines around our eyes and mouth and deeper ones where we frown and on our forehead.

We can sometimes see our skin may not be looking as bright as it once did and perhaps it lacks hydration?

Maybe you even suffer from adult acne?

We've been conditioned to believe that skincare must cost the earth, with frequent trips to the salon to get expensive facials, treatments and the of course all the pricey skincare products to take home with you (that are often full of hormone-disrupting chemicals).

What if there were a 100% natural solution to help with all of the above, would you want to at least try it? I know I would!


Ingredients for Skin Brightening Mask


In fact, recently, I did just that! I made this very face mask and the results from just 1 application! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself in the video below.

Sharing what I've learnt and what I know is what I love the most in life, there is truly no better gift than to give to others and when people get results this is the best thing ever and my job is done.

So today I'm here to share this skin brightening face mask recipe with you and I hope you get to make this over the weekend... honestly, it is so quick, simple and effective you will wish you knew about it sooner!


Turmeric and Honey


Brightening Face Mask for Pigmentation, Acne and Anti-ageing



  1. In a small bowl first, add the chickpea flour and then add in the lemon juice, coconut oil, raw honey and then the turmeric powder
  2. With a small whisk, combine this until forms a nice smooth paste
  3. Pop on a headband so you don't get the mask in your hair
  4. Apply to a damp, clean face (if you have makeup on take it off but if you're doing this in morning first thing, just damp is fine) be sure to avoid your eye area
  5. Leave the mask on for 15 mins or so then rinse off with lukewarm water and a face washer
  6. Tone and moisturise and you're good to go!

TIP: don't be scared by putting turmeric on your face, it will wash off I promise you that but if you have gel nails or nail polish (as I learned the hard way) you may wish to apply this mask while wearing food handling gloves as it temporarily absorbed and discolours painted/gel nails.

I would like to give you a little bit of info. as to why these particular ingredients were chosen and why they work so well together...

Chickpea Flour 💛

Chickpeas are naturally high in zinc and this can really help with preventing and treating acne at any age, this is because zinc helps to fight infections. Chickpea flour is great for gently exfoliating the skin, sloughing away those dead skin cells and revealing a more youthful complexion. You'll be happy to know that chickpea flour has anti-ageing benefits when applied to the skin.

Raw Honey 🍯

Raw (not commercial, heat-treated honey) is absolutely loaded with skin and beauty benefits! This is a wonder food for skin and should be part of every woman's skincare regime. Raw honey has natural antibacterial benefits that can help with acne at any age. Applying honey (in its rawest form) to your face can help speed up the skin cells healing process. As an added bonus, it is ultra nourishing and hydrating!

Lemon Juice 🍋

Applying fresh lemon juice to your face can help remove blackheads and is great for treating and preventing acne. Lemon juice is a natural astringent so it tones your skin without stripping the goodness away as alcohol toners do. Lemon juice also helps to brighten and lighten the skin.

Coconut Oil 🥥

Coconut oil is an incredible natural skin moisturiser and it has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which make it incredible for a face mask such as this. Coconut oil when applied to the skin can help it to heal.

Turmeric 🧡

It's well-known now that turmeric is a powerful spice with some incredible health benefits but did you know that applying it to your skin is also highly beneficial? It has the ability to reduce redness, calm eczema, rosacea and acne. It's also a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-ager!

This mask should be applied weekly until you achieve the desired results, but you will start to see and feel results straight away I am sure! I know that I did. :)

If you do make this and enjoy it, I would love it if you'd please share it with friends and family.






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