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Loyalty Program (Health Wealth Rewards)

How to Use Your Loyalty Rewards Points

Step 1. Log into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, that’s ok; Simply sign up for one now by clicking here and start earning points right away! We reward you with 50 points just for creating an account! 

Step 2. Choose to ‘Redeem’ your points by clicking on the redeem option but please be sure to place your order after choosing to redeem your points because once you have chosen to redeem, the system thinks that you have used the points even if you did not go through with the order. You can also save the code to your phone’s notes and use it later, but I am not sure how long it will stay active as these codes are system-generated.

Step 3. Copy the code and go shopping as you usually would (add items to your cart and go to checkout)

Step 4. Paste the code during the checkout process when you see the ‘Discount Code’ box (this code box appears at different checkout stages depending on what device you are on? If you are on a mobile device, you must go to the payment section and apply the code.

What happens if you get the code but do not use it that day?

As mentioned in step #2, the code should be used as soon as you have redeemed points as the system has generated a unique code specifically for you, so the points have now been deducted from your account.

You “may” be able to save the code into your phone's notes to use later, but at this stage, I am unsure if the code will expire, so it is best not to risk it and place your order that same day ASAP.

How to Get into Perfect Supplements Australia’s Loyalty Rewards Points Program? (create an account)

Firstly, you need an account; if you don’t yet have one, you must create one. 

If you have been a customer before December 2021 and have not created a new account, you will need to do that as we launched our new website at this time, and any previous customer accounts did not transfer over.

Orders before having an account before we launched our loyalty program (April 2022) don’t count towards points. Unfortunately, it is only for any orders placed when our program went live, and you had an account after this. 

How to Check Your Points?

Checking points is easy! Simply log into your account. You can do so here.

How to Earn Points 

There are many ways to earn rewards points, such as:

  • Create an Account
  • Make a Purchase
  • Make 3 Purchases
  • Spend over $200
  • Share your birthday with us
  • Leave a review
  • Leave a review with a photo
  • Leave a review with a video
  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Pinterest