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Anti-age Me Pack

Anti-age Me Pack


Antioxidants are free-radical-fighting molecules and they play a cornerstone role in our health, wellbeing and the ageing process (how quickly or how slowly we age).

Free radicals are cell-damaging but the more antioxidants we consume (through whole food sources), the less damage occurs and the better off you will be!

Obviously, things like fruits, berries and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants but taking certain supplements can be a great way to get in even more and sometimes in greater concentrations. 

The products and packs chosen for this collection are loaded with vital antioxidants so no matter which one/s you choose, you'll be winning the fight against those dreaded free radicals!

We wrote a blog about antioxidants, free radicals and oxidative stress over on our blog. You can view this here