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Adrenal Cocktail Recipe for Optimal Health

11 May 2022
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You may have heard various health experts or even wellness podcasters/influencers talking recently about 'adrenal cocktails' and perhaps you are curious or maybe you've never heard this term?

You may be thinking it's a fun cocktail that you have with your friends but I can assure that while it's fun for your body to receive the nutrients of an adrenal cocktail, it's not one you'd take to a party! 


Health Elixir


This is more of an elixir really, a health tonic and something you may be best to do in the morning or whenever you get out of bed before you hit the caffeine.

If you're adrenally exhausted you may want to lay off the coffee and other stimulants full stop but more about that later...

An adrenal cocktail first thing is truly one of the best things you can do for your health as it deeply remineralises you instead of depleting you like coffee does.

Sure, coffee has its benefits when consumed in the right way but it's not the best thing to put into your system after you've been in deep rest and rejuvenation and also while you've been fasting too.

Wouldn't it be much better to gently kickstart your body and day with much needed electrolyte minerals and adrenal-loving vitamin C?

Um, yes that would be the better option to start! 😊


Adrenal Cocktail


Before we get right into the recipe for this healthy "cocktail", we want to give you a good understanding of the ingredients so it all makes sense to you and you fully comprehend the importance and value of each ingredient.

If you miss one element, it is not a true adrenal cocktail and you may be missing out on the vital benefits.

Be sure to check out our adrenal blog here to learn exactly what it does, the hormones it produces and what happens when the adrenal glands get tired. The blog goes deep into its role so be sure to check it out if you'd like to learn more.


If you are someone who has a lot of stress or even chronic stress then you have landed on this article today for a reason I am sure of it. The fact that you are experiencing lots of stress regularly, means that you are in great need of something like this adrenal cocktail recipe.

Just the word 'stress' makes one feel rather squeamish don't you think? It's something that is unavoidable in life, we are always going to face some type of stress each and every day but for some folks, stress is chronic and this chronic stress is not just bad for us, it is downright corrosive to our overall health and the health of our adrenal glands!

Our adrenal glands produce both sex hormones and stress response hormones and when we are living in constant stress (hello modern world), these hormones get chewed up quickly and in time, this constant stress and repletion can affect our adrenals - leading to adrenal fatigue/adrenal exhaustion.

Did you know that our adrenals require cholesterol to be healthy? We've been led to believe that cholesterol is the bad guy but this could not be more wrong!

Cholesterol is found in every cell in our body and it is also produced in out body and we can get it from the foods we eat. We won't go to deep into this here (read our cholesterol blog for more information).

If we are not getting enough cholesterol-rich foods in our diet and we have lots of stress, we may need to consume more of these foods such as pastured eggs, cod liver oil and butter or ghee.

So for this reason, we added grass-fed ghee to this recipe. You could also add a pastured egg yolk or two, depending on your preference.


Stressed woman


By incorporating an adrenal cocktail into your daily diet/routine and frequently, you are taking the first steps to potentially healing from exhausted adrenals but also even if you don't have adrenal fatigue, perhaps you are dehydrated often, have no energy, have anxiety, sleep issues, problems with perimenopause, are fatigued or just want better mineral balance, this is one incredible (and 100% natural) way to achieve this balance.


When to Take and How Often?

The best practice is to have this adrenal cocktail upon waking up as the many nutrients will help to nourish your body - including your precious adrenals.

Experts say it is good to have this concoction up to 3 times per day (if adrenally fatigued) or just once if just for general health maintenance.

This drink very pleasant to consume and will no doubt make you feel a million bucks! I personally love it and drink it every morning before I have my morning cacao with medicinal mushrooms.

Who is this Drink for?

It's certainly not just for people with poor-functioning adrenal glands but it is also great for the following:

  • Anyone who wants more nourishment and support to their adrenals
  • Perimenopausal women as adrenal fatigue or severe tiredness can come about 
  • Anyone who has stress (I reckon we could all raise our hand here) 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Anyone who experiences anxiety (um, who doesn't?)
  • Anyone with sleep issues (lots of folks)
  • Anyone who wants a better mineral balance/electrolyte balance
  • Anyone who wants to be more hydrated
  • Anyone who wants more energy
  • Anyone who wants to prevent fatigue 
Happy Healthy Woman


Understanding what our adrenals do for us will actually better help you to understand what an adrenal cocktail is doing for you, keeping in mind that the adrenals produce our stress hormones and other many various hormones. When we are having ongoing or chronic stress, some of these vital electrolyte minerals can become depleted so that's exactly where an adrenal cocktail recipe like this one can help greatly.

Seriously, once you have tried it for yourself you will never look back and you may wish you had discovered it sooner. I would strongly encourage you to try it without having a coffee that day to truly gauge how you feel. Coffee is a stimulant and stressor to the adrenals and best avoided if you have issues here.

Ok, so now we are going to unpack why we use the ingredients that we do and in the recipe, they are in their proper proportions for the best impact.

Why salt? Why vitamin C? Why Baobab? Why Magnesium?  Well you're about to find out so stay with us...

Why Salt?

Our bodies have evolved with salt over thousands of years, we need salt for life!

Ok, so to be crystal clear so there is no room for interpretation, we are NOT talking about table salt here or any type of refined white salt. We are talking about natural salt that is unrefined such as this one.

Real unrefined salt should have colour and not be white - we recommend Celtic sea salt, Himalayan or the best and yummiest salt on planet earth - Redmond Real Salt.

Salt is vital for our health and our adrenals love it! If you'd like to learn more about this controversial topic, please read our salt blog here.

I wish salt wasn't controversial because it shouldn't be, it is as important to our wellbeing and life as water is and the information has been twisted into something that does not serve humanity as a whole.

Back to the adrenals...

The adrenal glands love salt (as well as some other nutrients which we will soon discuss).



Did you know that cortisol regulates sodium so if you have low cortisol (common in adrenally-fatigued people), your adrenals will most likely be weakened as there may not be enough sodium retention in the body and this results in cravings for salt.

If the adrenals are weakened, our andosterone will be lower and because water follows salt, this means that we will pee more and lose water - leading to dizziness/lightheadedness and chronic dehydration. 

What About Salt Sensitive Individuals?

Only about 6% of the world's population is sensitive to salt because of a certain health condition (we talk about this in our salt blog) and these people are generally the ones who need to be cautious of their salt intake.

For the general population, we quite possibly need more salt than we are being told that we should be consuming. Again, this is all explained out in our salt blog.

The amount that is recommended in this adrenal cocktail is 1/4 tsp and this is recommended by many functional medicine doctors, this isn't something I just made up! lol

How Much Salt?

Our bodies need the right amount of salt to function properly, feel healthy and prevent issues from developing. Many things can be solves by adjusting ones real salt intake (I emphasise the real part and not the table or refined salt).

If you start off on the recommended recipe amount of 1/4 tsp but you don't find this salty but rather pleasant and satisfying, this could indicate that you actually need more salt!

Some doctors (integrative) suggest adding a further 1/4 tsp to this drink or your water.



This amount of salt can sound scary to some as we have had messaging coming at us for decades by doctors and the like, that excess salt consumption is bad and this is why I encourage you to read our salt blog and perhaps look to purchase Dr James DiNicolantonio's popular book 'The Salt Fix' on Amazon or your preferred platform.

"Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a leading cardiovascular research scientist, has reviewed over 500 publications to unravel the impact of salt on blood". - from his website

The recommended RDI for salt is way too low and in many cases, harmfully low. Our bodies need more salt than most of us realise and when you begin to incorporate this adrenal cocktail, we have no doubt you will begin to feel better than you may have in a very long time.

How do I Know if I'm Getting too Much Salt?

That's a great question and a fair one to ask. To answer this I'll put the question back onto you... How do you feel after you've consumed the (true) recommended amount of 8g per day (that's about 1.3 teaspoons)?

Test it out for yourself by adding 1/4 tsp of real salt (like the ones we've suggested) into a glass of filtered water and see how you feel...

Do you feel more energised?

Do you feel neutral?

Do you feel swollen?

If you answered "more energised" then you are right on track with increasing your salt intake through the recommended frequent use of an adrenal cocktail. 

If you feel neutral (not energised and not swollen) you may have already been on track with your natural salt intake. Well done my friend! 👏🏻

Or do you feel swollen? If you feel swollen after increasing your real salt and or the adrenal cocktail, you may be dealing with something medical and we suggest you seek help from your trusted medical/health practitioner.

Baobab (the potassium element)

Potassium can be found in many foods but is especially abundant in baobab fruit (a low-carb/low-calorie fruit from Africa). This incredible fruit (which we have available in a convenient tasty powder) is loaded with many other nutrients and gut-loving prebiotics to feed and nourish your gut microbiome.


Baobab fruit


It's a good source of the potassium and that's why we decided to include it in our adrenal cocktail recipe - plus it tastes really good! 😊

Perfect Organic Baobab powder contains 137mg of potassium per 2 scoops so that is 68.5mg of potassium in one adrenal cocktail!

Potassium is crucial for adrenal health (as well as sodium chloride from real salt) because potassium and sodium (in the right balance) determines fluid and electrolyte dynamic but also blood pressure activity, output of the nervous system, production of energy and how it is utilised. 

When potassium is deficient and sodium is imbalanced this can negatively affect the adrenals and may contribute to adrenal fatigue or poor function.

So by incorporating an adrenal cocktail (adrenal elixir if you prefer), that includes organic baobab you may be giving these glands the true nourishment that they need.

Why Don't We Use Cream of Tartar?

You may see other recipes for adrenal cocktails that use cream of tartar as their potassium element and each to their own but we firmly believe that baobab is better! 

Cream of tartar is the byproduct of the winemaking industry and is found on the bottom of casks during fermentation of the wine. It is considered safe to consume but many people don't realise that it can have negative side effects.

Excessive use (which I don't see a clear definition of so I'll stick to natural baobab), may cause hyperkalemia - excessively high levels of potassium in your blood - scary!

Other than that, cream of tartar when used in excess, may cause abdominal discomfort, abnormal heart rate and weakness in your muscles (signs of hyperkalemia).


cream of tartar


If you have type 1 diabetes, heart failure, kidney or liver disease you may be wise to chat with your trusted health practitioner before considering ingesting cream of tartar as you may be at greater risk of hyperkalemia. Also if you take med's to increase blood potassium.

We feel that baobab is a much safer way to get your potassium in and it has more potassium than bananas! Not just potassium but many other vital nutrients like calcium (which is also an important electrolyte) and prebiotic fibre for great gut health, glowing skin and so much more!

So much goodness in just one bottle!

Acerola Cherry (the vitamin C element)

We know that our immune system and skin loves (and needs) vitamin C but our adrenals also love vitamin C and you can actually find this nutrient in both the outer layer (cortex) and the inner layer (medulla) and they need vitamin C to manufacture adrenaline and norepinephrine. 

Note: if you are chronically stressed you may very well be deficient in vitamin C so it may be wise to consider adding a natural, bioavailable whole food vitamin C to your diet, one that absorbs well, is non-synthetic and contains all the important cofactors such as organic acerola cherry powder.

The reason being is that when you get stressed, vitamin C gets secreted as part of your body's stress response, so the more you get stressed, the more you secrete and the more you secrete, the more you deplete!

Depletion in vitamin C is not good for your adrenals or health overall (just like depletion in any key nutrient)!

Cortisol hormone relies on vitamin C too so the more cortisol you produce (through stressing out), the more vitamin C you may need.


acerola cherries


Like vitamin C, when you get stressed out, your body also gets depleted in magnesium and magnesium is another nutrient that our adrenals need.

Homeostasis would not be possible without magnesium as well as hundreds of other bodily functions.

To get to the point of magnesiums effect on the adrenals, when levels of magnesium are low or depleted, more energy will be depleted in the system. When this occurs, a worsening of adrenal fatigue symptoms usually follows.


magnesium supplement


Adequate magnesium intake (usually more is required by chronically stressed people) has been shown to rebalance our metabolism but also recover proper adrenal function.

By adding magnesium to your adrenal cocktail, you are giving your body a good boost of this vital electrolyte mineral, potentially for better health and more balance! 😊

The Recipe


*We don't recommend tap water as it is loaded with health-destroying chemicals that disrupt your gut microbiome, thyroid and much more serious effects.

Note: It really helps to have a blender for this as you get a much better result but it can be done without as well.


  1. If you have a blender, add the ingredients and blend for about 10 seconds and if not simply add the powders and salt to a glass, pour in the water and stir vigorously until well-combined
  2. Drink and enjoy and feel better 🙂


Ok, so if you got this far (and we hope you did), you'll now have a pretty good grasp on what's involved in an adrenal cocktail and why. You will have a good understanding of the 3 main electrolyte minerals - sodium, magnesium and potassium and the effect they have on your body functioning properly and how you feel.

We hope you enjoyed the info today and get to try to try our adrenal cocktail recipe. 🍹

Consistency is always the key with most things and I find this no exception. The days when I start off with this healthy elixir, my body sings, my mood is more stable, I can focus better and I just function on a higher level that if I don't start my day with this health drink.

Other adrenally-supportive things you might like to try are some of the adaptogenic herbs and Chinese herbs we stock such as:

If you enjoyed today's info and recipe and want to learn more about this fascinating and very important gland - the adrenals, be sure to check out our other blogs on this topic below:











Disclaimer: These are only potential benefits. This article is purely intended for informational purposes and not as advice. One must seek proper professional advice from their trusted health practitioner.