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Why You Must Take Vitamins & Minerals (and where to find them)

04 July 2023
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Why Soil Matters


Let’s face it, our soils are depleted from nutrients and our soils are overworked and the crops that grow in them are often sprayed. Even if we choose to eat organic produce, we still may need to top up on some things and that is where supplementing can be wise.


Eating a whole food diet of fresh vegetables (preferably organic where possible), some fruits, healthy fats and healthy protein is a great idea if you want to be well but like we said, this is not enough if you want to be optimal, and optimal should always be your health goal.


As we kind of already mentioned, Because our soils are not optimum, we must look to supplement our diet to ensure we are reaching our nutritional requirements.


Vitamins & Minerals are Key to Health


You see, vitamins and minerals are key to health as they are necessary for just about every metabolic function and bodily process. Think of vitamins and minerals as a form of health/life insurance!


When we fall short (even by seemingly insignificant amounts) of these key nutrients, it can cause health problems. Choose to supplement in the right way* to help fill in these problematic nutritional gaps.


*The right way is to choose natural, non-synthetic nutrition such as what we will recommend here today.


It has been shown in the literature (1), that people who actively take vitamin & mineral supplements, may slow down or even prevent serious disease from occurring. See for yourself in the reference below the most common diseases that proper nutrition can prevent. We are talking brain/cognitive issues, heart disease and even cancer.


Nutrition and Reproduction


Nutrient deficiencies put you at a great disadvantage and that can affect your hormones which affects everything! If you lack proper B vitamins, iron and zinc (found in liver in particular), as a woman you may develop PCOS, infertility and even miscarry. These nutrients are absolutely critical for hormonal health and should not be overlooked!


Keeping the reproductive process working well requires a balance of nutrients.


Nutrition matters.


The article especially references vitamins A, C and E but also multivitamins. We would like to point out that many multivitamin supplements and other nutrients available in supplement form can be of synthetic nature so this may not be the best option for you.


Better and more absorbable forms are from whole foods such as berries, fruits, algae, the sea, organ meats, animal fats, etc.


Throughout this article, you will see our recommendations so please click any links that are relevant to you.


B Vitamins and Cortisol


There is evidence to show that regular daily intake of B vitamins can help to regulate cortisol (the main stress response hormone).  Especially B6, B9 and B12.

Again, liver (or a liver supplement) is a fantastic way to obtain these nutrients. Beef liver also contains B1, B2, B3, B5 and B7.  As you will learn, it also contains other key minerals, vitamins, protein, omega fatty acids, CoQ10 enzyme and vital choline.


When cortisol is left to run wild, it drives the body to store fat (while wreaking metabolic havoc at the same time).


You see, B vitamins are important in supporting the adrenal glands (the little pyramid shaped glands above the kidneys that produce cortisol and other important hormones).


When we are stressed, important B vitamins (amongst other nutrients) get gobbled up like pac man, so it’s especially important to support your body with high quality supplements.


Vitamin B deficiency (particularly B12) can lead to decreased oestrogen and progesterone. As we get older, B12 naturally declines so getting B12 through both diet and supplementation is crucial for health and wellbeing.


Let’s Talk Vitamin C


When we think of vitamin C, we often think of those sweet little orange tablets that perhaps mum gave us as a child. The problem with this type of vitamin C is that it is synthetic and may be sourced from genetically modified corn (that is sprayed with herbicide/glyphosate). ⚠️


To learn more about synthetic Vs natural vitamin C, please see our blog here: ‘The Truth About Vitamin C’.


Vitamin C is fundamental to good health as it plays a role in keeping our immune system functioning properly, helps to prevent heart disease and cancer.


Vitamin C Is vitamin for collagen production (which helps to keep our skin firm and youthful). Getting enough vitamin C is known to add years to your life as well!


Vitamin C and Cortisol


From a hormonal POV, vitamin C offers you protection against stress response hormone cortisol. In a German study (2), 120 people were put into a very stressful situation (both public speaking and solving a math equation).


60 people were given 1,000mg of vitamin C and 60 people were given nothing. Who do you think performed better?


The supplemented folks of course! The ones who took the vitamin C had a much better stress response compared to the ones who took nothing. The ones who took nothing, had a large spike in cortisol and blood pressure!


You see, vitamin C has a powerful ability to bring cortisol into check. It also supports the adrenal glands and enhances liver detoxification.


Where to find ideal vitamin C?


The best place to find vitamin C is in fruits and berries and one of the very best sources is the Acerola cherry! (Look to our blog)


Let’s Talk Vitamin D


Vitamin D is technically a pro-hormone rather than a vitamin but for the interest of keeping it simple, let’s call it a vitamin.


Vitamin D is another critical nutrient for human health and many of us are falling short due to not enough sun exposure. Sun is number one but it can be tricky if near impossible to get the right (unexposed) amount as our lifestyles don’t allow for it.


Vitamin D is a fat-burner that works in 4 different ways.


1/ When adequate vitamin D levels are present, your body naturally produces more leptin (your satiety/fullness hormone) - a very important hormone for controlling weight.

2/ When vitamin D levels are optimal, your fat cells resist making/storing fat.

3/ Ample Vitamin D works hand in hand with calcium to reduce cortisol overproduction (which helps to prevent belly fat).

4/ Hormones can only operate properly (in harmony) when enough vitamin D is present.


Where to find Vitamin D?


The very best sources of vitamin D come from animal foods (sorry our vegan friends) but it’s true. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin found in fatty fish, sheep’s wool fat, egg yolks, cheese and beef liver.


D2 (vitamin) is found in some plants and mushrooms but this is not the same as D3. Vitamin D3 has been shown to increase blood levels much more significantly than D3 (3).



Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium!


We’ve spoken about magnesium many times through our blogs, newsletters and social media but it never hurts to remind folks of its importance in our diet.


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals and serves also as an electrolyte (an electrolyte is a mineral that helps to carry an electrical charge through the body). Without electrolytes you would be dead!


Magnesium serves around 500+ roles and functions in the body so this makes it absolutely vital for good health and disease-prevention.


We’ve written extensively about magnesium and how it impacts our health and skin. You can read these articles here: https://perfectsupplementsaustralia.com.au/search?q=magn&type=article.


Magnesium is important for skin, nerves, muscles, sleep, hormone balance, bowel function, eye health, brain health, gut health, thyroid health, staying calm, our mood and so much more!


Where to find high quality magnesium?


We suggest trying the Perfect Magnesium Citrate as it’s an incredibly absorbable and 100% natural form. Available in powder or capsules. Many of our customers are loving the benefits (see the review here).


Potassium is Key


Potassium is another vital electrolyte mineral and is important for your heart, nerves and muscle function. It also is needed to synthesise protein and metabolise carbohydrates. Like magnesium, many folks may be deficient in potassium and their health will suffer for this.


Where to Find Natural Potassium?


Potassium is found avocados, baobab, bananas, beetroot greens, beans, broccoli, spinach and winter squash. Remember though what we said about the soils being deficient? It’s important to supplement and one way to add more potassium to your diet is through organic baobab powder.


Add it to your alkaline drink in the morning to up your mineral content and vitality for the day ahead.


Alkaline drink recipe:


In a large glass of water stir in slowly the magnesium powder then the baobab and finally the salt. If you have a blender, blend well to ensure all is properly dissolved.


To turn this into a multivitamin experience you could add a serving of organic acerola cherry powder. I usually take the Perfect Liver capsules with this concoction and then most of my nutrient bases are covered!


Note: whole food ingredients are often less processed so they won’t always completely dissolve (in powder form) but remember the incredible benefits you’re receiving! It is totally worth it!


Sodium for Wellbeing


Sodium has been smeared by Doctors and medical “experts” in the past but the truth is, we need sodium (from high-quality natural salt) as it’s another vital electrolyte mineral which serves our muscle and nerve function.


Proper sodium intake is also very important for our adrenal glands!


Read our salt blog here to understand why we need salt and how much to have. The doctor recommendations are often incorrect.




Chloride is the second most abundant electrolyte in blood serum and has a very similar and vital function as the other electrolyte minerals.


Chloride is found in meat, seafood and salt. 🧂


When sourcing the highest quality salt, it’s best to stay away from sea salt as most sea salt is now found to be contaminated by plastics from the ocean (containing micro plastics). When we ingest these plastics they can have severe consequences to our hormones and overall health.


Choose an ancient salt that is mined from ancient salt beds such as Redmond Real salt. You can find this here.


Calcium from the Right Sources


Not only is calcium a vital electrolyte mineral, it’s also crucial for the health of our bones and teeth!


Adequate calcium has been shown to help improve both hormonal and metabolic health.


Best Sources of Calcium


The best sources of calcium are organic and raw dairy products (if you can access it). Other incredible sources of calcium are tahini, sesame seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, sardines, salmon, African mango seeds (available in a supplement form), baobab (available in supplement form), nuts and seeds.


We Recommend (for calcium)


We recommend eating a whole food organic diet where possible but also supplementing with African mango and/or organic baobab powder daily. Both of these are good natural sources of plant calcium. The baobab in particular is fantastic as it contains many of the other nutrients mentioned in this blog article.


Get your Perfect Organic Baobab here.


To learn the disturbing truth about synthetic vitamins/minerals and multi vitamins, please see our blog here 'The Disturbing Truth about Synthetic Vitamins'.



(1) https://nutritionj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1475-2891-13-72


(2) https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/articles/200304/vitamin-c-stress-buster


(3) https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vitamin-d2-vs-d3



Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner. 


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