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Is it Safe to Eat Liver?

16 May 2019
Perfect Grass-fed Desiccated Liver Powder 180g Perfect Grass-fed Desiccated Liver Powder 180g

Perfect Grass-fed Desiccated Liver Powder 180g


There's a common misconception that eating liver is not good for you...

Some people believe that liver contains and stores toxins but it actually stores nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and it's not the job of the liver to store toxins, but rather to filter them out.

Back in the "olden days" many of our grandmothers would serve up liver dishes to their children (our parents) and it was a common part of people's diets.

What Happened to Eating Liver?

Somewhere along the way the tradition died and I'm not sure why? Maybe it has to do with the taste? (liver was rated as 1 of the top 5 most hated foods in popular surveys around the globe). Or maybe it was because of the common myth that eating liver was harmful, who knows?

I find it interesting that liver is one of the most hated foods but also one of the most nutritious, hmmm....

What we do now know for sure is that eating liver is actually not harmful but highly beneficial! Liver is incredibly nutritious and considered a superfood because of how rich in vitamins and minerals it is.

But you don't have to eat liver to get it's benefits (I'll tell you about that soon..)

Did you know that in some cultures they only ate organ meats such as liver? Perhaps because they understood instinctually how much more nourishing liver and other organ meats were compared to muscle meats?


Eating liver


Vital Nutrition

When eating organ meats such as liver it's important to choose pasture-raised animals (grass-fed) that are free from hormones and antibiotics and haven't been fed commercial feed. This will ensure you get all the goodness your body needs and you're not compromising your health in any way.

Grass-fed (pasture-raised) beef liver contains 2-4 times the healthy omega fatty acids than that of their commercially-raised cousins!

Liver contains an abundance of nutrition and I think that's why can be called a "superfood". It contains vitamin A, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folate), vitamin D3 and minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and iron.

It contains important amino acids (to help our body function properly), beta-carotene (pre-cursor for vitamin A) and retinol (vitamin A1) necessary for healthy eyesight, skin and human development.

Grass-fed beef liver contains 19 times more omega-3 fatty acids than commercial supermarket eggs! Now wrap your mind around that for just a moment...

Grass-fed beef liver contains more micro nutrients than fruit and veggies. What?

See the comparison below from Chris Kresser's blog 'Nature's Most Potent Superfood'.

Perfect Supplements Australia

Mother Nature's Multi

If you're looking for a multi-vitamin/mineral unlike the synthetic junk you find on supermarket shelves, look no further than whole foods such as spirulina, moringa and of course liver! These are as natural and nutrient-dense as they come and because they are whole foods, they contain all the stuff needed to make them bioavailable, absorbable and effective.


Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules Lifestyle


Lean Muscles, Metabolism & Keto Diets

Liver is an excellent source of protein and your body needs protein to help repair cells and create new ones (think muscle repair and growth). Adequate protein can boost metabolism thus helping with weight loss.

Not only that but liver is a great source of vital amino acids (the building blocks for protein!).

Consuming liver is also great if you're on a low carb or keto diet as liver is low carb, high protein and as you now know, phenomenally nourishing!

So if Eating Liver is So Great but Doesn't Appeal Now What?

If you can't stand the taste of liver or even stomach the thought of chowing down on some, there is another way...

You can take liver in a supplement form called desiccated liver (which just means slowly dried to retain the nutrition) and it's very easy to get down the hatch. You can take it as a simple capsule or add a powder to soups and smoothies (yep, that's right!)

Taking capsules has always been a walk in the park for me but desiccated liver powder was a whole other ballgame..

I was very skeptical when it came to taking a liver powder, I guess my first thought was "how am I going to have and enjoy this in a smoothie, it's never going to happen". But one day I (apprehensively) decided to add a scoop to one of my smoothies and I was actually surprised that I could not taste it (I might add, this smoothie had some pretty amazing flavours like passion fruit, mint and blueberries)!

Since then I've added it to soups and curries with much success! And recently I posted a delicious healing & strengthening Mushroom & Thyme Soup which I added the desiccated liver powder to and served it up to friends and family with rave reviews!

Taking grass-fed desiccated liver capsules is a breeze, you just take 4 capsules daily (morning is best time) with a glass of juice or a smoothie but don't be afraid to try grass-fed desiccated liver powder though as you may just be pleasantly surprised and like I said, you can add to dishes like soups and curries without really even knowing it!










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