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How Resveratrol Can Help Women With PCOS

25 August 2020
Tammy's Pick
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Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol


Amazing news for women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): resveratrol can help. PCOS can affect millions of women worldwide and is among the most common endocrine conditions (affecting the glands that secret hormones) in women who are in their childbearing years.

PCOS is characterised by having higher amounts of testosterone, among other androgen hormones, which are commonly known as male hormones but which women also have, in smaller amounts.

The result of this hormone imbalance in women is PCOS, symptoms of which include absent or irregular periods, infertility, hair loss on the head, weight gain, acne, and excess facial and body hair. Studies show that women with PCOS are also a greater risk of developing other health problems like diabetes.

Perfect Supplements Australia

How Resveratrol Can Help With PCOS

Resveratrol is a polyphenol, a plant compound found in grapes and nuts that has incredible anti-inflammatory abilities. It's also found in red wine, but keep in mind that you'd have to drink so much red wine to see the benefits that it would negate any positive outcome from the resveratrol. Alcohol — any alcohol, especially in excess — can throw your hormones out of whack (causing oestrogen dominance).

What resveratrol can do to balance them?

Perfect Supplements Australia

One promising study of women with PCOS showed that resveratrol significantly reduces levels of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). DHEAS is a hormone the body converts to testosterone. Compared to the placebo group, whose testosterone and DHEA levels only dropped by 2.9% and 10.5% respectively, the women who took one resveratrol supplement a day saw a 23.1% drop in testosterone and 22.2% drop in DHEAS after just three months.

So, this powerful plant-compound actually may help to balance hormones and improve not just the symptoms of PCOS, but the disease itself.

What's more, the study discovered the women who took resveratrol also showed improved insulin response and risk for diabetes, showing a 31.8% drop in fasting insulin levels.

Perfect Supplements Australia

If you have PCOS, it’s definitely worth your while to take a good quality, high-potency resveratrol supplement. Remember, you only have to take it once a day!

Made from a natural blend of 99% pure resveratrol and organic muscadine grapes, our Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol supplement contains the benefits of 700 glasses of wine — without the hangover or health risks. It’s a little pill that can go a long to improving your hormonal health.


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Disclaimer: This article is strictly for informational purposes and is not intended as health advice. Statements made have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent and one should always consult with their trusted health professional before adding a new supplement to their diet.


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