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Green Coffee

20 October 2014
Perfect Green Coffee Perfect Green Coffee

Perfect Green Coffee


Have You Had Your Cup of Green Coffee Today?

Green coffee is raw and un-roasted and is considered to be healthier compared with a regular coffee. The extracts from this coffee bean have a lot of health benefits most especially in weight loss. It gained popularity in 2012 when Dr. Oz introduced his study of the green coffee to the public in his talk show “Dr. Oz”. He claimed that this coffee bean can burn fats fast without even exercise or diet.

The green coffee bean contains the compound chlorogenic acid, which is thought to have good benefits for the body.



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Green coffee More than Just Coffee

High Levels of Antioxidants

Green coffee contains antioxidant properties that can detoxify the body especially the liver. An antioxidant called Trigonelline which can prevent tooth decay can also be found in green coffee.

Improves Metabolic Process

Chlorogenic acid content in green coffee can marvellously burn fat faster than anything else.

Increased Mental Alertness

Green coffee has a slight caffeine element which can make a person mentally alert and enthusiastic. It can also help improve a person’s memory and the ability to learn things and increase focus. It is used as treatment for headache and can lower the level of stress. It is also known to increase the energy levels of the body, keeping you active for longer periods.

Maintains A Healthy Digestive System

It may help to reduce stomach problems like diarrhoea and can clean the digestive system.

Can Act as Appetite Suppressant

Taking green coffee bean can lower your cravings for food by suppressing the appetite. It leaves you with a feeling of fullness, leaving you with little desire for food and helps to lose weight. For an even better product for constant hunger, try Perfect African Mango (seed) capsules.

Keeps the Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure at a Healthy Level

Chlorogenic acid plays a major role in green coffee bean, once ingested it can help break down sugar in the body and lower the blood sugar level in diabetics and the blood pressure levels for hypertensives.

May Help to Prevent Cancer

Chlorogenic acid has the ability to neutralise carcinogenic compounds helping to potentially prevent cancer from developing.

Green coffee beans should be roasted at 246 degrees celsius to achieve its dark appearance. Research has proven that green coffee can effectively help you lose weight while at the same enjoy other health benefits that it contains.

Try Perfect Green Coffee Capsules Today and see and feel the difference.

*Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner.

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