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Can Baking Soda Help Inflammation?

23 November 2018


Remember that time when you had cut your finger, maybe a fall on your knee, or any wound in the past? After a day or two, you start to feel stiffness, throbbing and pulsating kind of pain because the wound has started to swell. Our immediate response would usually be to stop the inflammation, but it is important to note however, that inflammation is a vital part of the healing process.

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response and the body’s attempt at self-protection, to eliminate stimuli and eventually be able to kick off the healing process. Our wounds, infections or any damaged tissues would not be able to heal without inflammation.

Acute inflammation effects can be manifested by one or more of these symptoms: Pain, Redness, Immobility, Swelling and Heat. On the other hand, chronic inflammation symptoms may include the following: fatigue, mouth sores, chest pain, abdominal pain, fever, rash and joint pain.

Inflammation may really sound painful, but there’s no need to fret. Studies show that we may have something in our kitchen cupboards that can help keep inflammation at bay – and that very thing is humble old baking Soda.


Baking soda

An Inexpensive Solution

Baking Soda has always been promoted for its several functions, from household cleaning to dental care and a whole lot more! Now, aiding in inflammation is now added to its ever-growing list of uses.

Studies done at the Medical College of Georgia in the Journal of Immunology has shown that drinking a solution of baking soda somehow makes the mesothelial cells tell the spleen to go easy on the immune response. By consuming a baking soda solution, cells from the spleen and stomach commands a faulty immune system to not turn itself on and attack. This process of driving down the immune response prevents the immune system from attacking its own cells.

Another noteworthy benefit of baking soda is that it helps in balancing the body’s pH.

When the body has too much of an acidic or alkaline environment it can cause a wide array of health problems and negative physical health symptoms.


pH levels 

How to Prepare Baking Soda

You can begin with 1/8 teaspoon and work your way up to ¼ teaspoon. If you are short of breath after taking the solution, it just indicates that you have overdone it. It is important to note that if your blood is too alkaline already; taking too much baking soda can cause heart attack or hyper alkalosis.

It is best to take it on empty stomach, but never early in the morning. It is best to take it midday – about an hour before lunch, or one hour after taking dinner.

Make sure your sodium levels are all good. Too low or too high sodium levels can bring about irregular heartbeats. If this would be the case, it is best to have a doctor check your sodium levels.

Bulletproof Approach as an alternative. Since some already have high amount of sodium in their body, a good alternative is to use potassium bicarbonate in lieu of sodium bicarbonate.

The Bottom Line

Baking soda is indeed a staple in every household, and has many different uses and benefits. Plus, it is also readily available and cheap.

Using baking soda can be as simple way to manage inflammation and autoimmune diseases. However, just like any other supplements or remedies, it would be best to consult with your physician to see if this approach would be something that is safe for a person’s health condition specifically if you are pregnant or this may not be advisable while you are taking other medicines.

A daily dose of baking soda may just be the answer to your inflammatory problems.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming and difficult, you can take a few scoops daily of Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen powder as this is meant to keep inflammation in check also.







Disclaimer: this is not health or medical advice. One should always consult with their doctor or trusted health professional before embarking on any new health regime.


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