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Why is Filtered Water Better for Health?

31 January 2022

Why Should I Filter My Water?

H20 is probably one of the most crucial elements to health as our body is mostly made up of water and our cells and systems need water to function well but not just any old water, but rather clean, uncontaminated water for vitality and disease-prevention.

The quality and integrity of the water you consume really matters and if I had to say what my top wellness practices are, pure water would be right up the top of my list!

Today we are going to discuss the reasons why you might wish to drink filtered water and what tap water can do to your health. It is actually eye-opening and empowering when we know the truth but also have the solutions (in which we will be also sharing some).


Drinking filtered water


Your Health

Unfiltered water from a tap is loaded to the brim with chemicals that can affect human health. The intention is partly to kill pathogens but also to mass-medicate us (in the form of supposed "prevention of dental caries/cavities") and we will get into this soon...

I know, I for one didn't sign up to be medicated without my permission, did you?

With that aside, it's important to understand what is in tap water and how it can affect you.

We are told that tap water is safe but we were also told by doctors and advertisements many years ago that smoking cigarettes was safe and even beneficial. It's important to always question things and do your own research.

I love doing deep research into various topics that affect human health and often what I discover is that you always have to follow the money trail...

Often things are presented to us in a way that makes us feel that authorities care for us but the truth is, there is often a vested financial interest and it may not have our best interest at heart. 

So we must always take full responsibility for our own health and not outsource it to others (that is my view anyway). We can seek guidance and we can research but we also need to go within and listen to our inner guidance because that is something very powerful.

Before I get into the solutions, it's necessary that we get into the nitty gritty of tap water so you truly understand the need for proper filtration. 

What's in Tap Water?

In Australia and many other countries around the world, the water is fluoridated and chlorinated, it also can contain other chemicals such as aluminium (to make the water look clear), chloramine (chlorine + ammonia), and others.

For the interest of not boring you to tears, I will try to keep this brief and condensed as there is a lot of information on this but it gets quite dry and cumbersome so I'll do my best to condense it here.

I will just focus on the 3 main chemicals added to our water supply and we hope that after reading this information, you see the importance of filtering your drinking water. The water we bathe in would also be good to filter if it's within your budget.


tap water


Why is the Water Treated?

Water has to be treated because it is subject to contamination. Water (from catchments) often contains harmful pathogens such as cryptosporidium, E.Coli, Hepatitis A, Giardia Intestinalis and other pathogens.

Obviously, ingesting these would cause illness and possibly death so the water must go through a process to remove these.

Water processing is done in a step-by-step process and includes the following steps:

  • Coagulation & Flocculation - these are the first steps in water treatment where positively-charged chemicals are added to the water. This is done to neutralise the dirts negative charge. Large particles (floc) are formed.
  • Sedimentation - during this stage, the large particles (floc) settle to the bottom and this is called sedimentation.
  • Filtration - the clear water leftover (after sedimentation occurs), passes through various filters to remove dust, parasites, bacteria and chemicals* (*remember, the finished product still contains chemicals, heavy metals and often other contaminants which we will soon be discussing)
  • Disinfection - once the water has been filtered, it's now time to disinfect. This is done using chlorine and chloramine. These chemicals are added for their ability to kill anything remaining (bacteria, viruses or parasites) and to keep the water sanitised as it moves through the pipes and to your home.
  • Fluoridation - the water is fluoridated with the purpose/intention to protect our teeth against tooth decay*

*this is a very controversial topic and there are 2 opposing sides (those who believe it is good and those who believe it is unnecessary and potentially harmful). It is a form of mass-medication without our permission so right there is a matter of ethics.

Before we get into the chemicals used in our water supply, we want to say that we believe water treatment is vital to kill harmful pathogens but it is also very important to filter out all the nasties. We believe (from years of research) that fluoride (in the form that is added to water) is a harmful toxin that should NOT be ingested into the human body.

Fluoride in Water

Fluoride is added to our water supply supposedly to help prevent dental cavities but according to the Weston A Price Foundation (an organisation we trust and highly respect), the reasons for this are not ethical OR scientific.

To read a more in-depth article about this, please find the link to their article in our references below: westonaprice.org/health-topics/environmental-toxins/water-fluoridation.

Water fluoridation is a controversial topic and that is because the public aren't told the truth. There are plenty of studies out there showing how damaging fluoride is to health and also that it is unnecessary in our water supply for healthy teeth. It is not even the same fluoride that dentists use topically and remember, drinking it is a very different matter than having it on your teeth topically! 

Dental fluoride is topical and fluoride in water is systemic, meaning that the fluoride gets into your system and our body's were never designed to take in such toxins.

Fluoride has been studied and it has shown time and time again to be very damaging to the body and brain and shown to be carcinogenic.




Fluoride is an enzyme-disruptor and shown to be neurotoxic. It has been shown to lead to bone fractures, bone cancers, thyroid issues, cognitive impairment and issues with IQ, hyperkalaemia, ventricular fibrillation, other cancers and negatively impact gut health.

It has been shown to have a damaging effect on the gut microbiome and research has shown that it paves the way for gut dysbiosis (when you have a major imbalance of gut flora - more bad guys than good guys). Gut dysbiosis has been shown to lead to all kinds of health problems such as GI issues, leaky gut, allergies, autoimmune diseases, brain problems including autism, schizophrenia, OCD, anxiety, depression and more!

Speaking from my own lived experience, where I grew up drinking tap water (like many of us), I developed gut dysbiosis and this has led to many chronic health problems that I am still trying to heal in my early 40s. That is why I do what I do though, to help educate and empower others to heal naturally.

I never give health advice though, only information and sharing my journey.

Dental Fluorosis

Fluoridated water can also lead to dental fluorosis. This manifests as a visual manifestation in the form of mottling and patches on the teeth. They can be brown or yellow in colour and this is caused by drinking water that contains fluoride. Just another reason of the many to filter your water to remove fluoride.

I have seen this issue on many people's teeth here in Australia. I remember at high school (going back many years now), seeing this quite badly on a classmates teeth and I also have seen this on my sisters teeth*.

*My sister has a disability and has generally been cared for by my parents her entire life and my parents don't filter their water or at least didn't when I was growing up.

See the image below (borrowed from fluoridefreeaustralia.org) to see the different levels of dental fluorosis.


Dental Fluorosis

It's Not the Same Fluoride that Dentists Use

It's not the same fluoride that dentists use which is topical (that's a whole other topic for another day) and it's not even a pharmaceutical-grade product but rather a nice little byproduct of fertiliser, oh yeah, get in my belly (not)!

not the same fluoride that dentists use


This type of fluoridation is systemic. Our body's were never designed to take in fertiliser byproducts or any heavy chemicals for that matter.

Ok, so right away that should get your attention, right? A fertiliser byproduct added to our water on the premise that it will help prevent tooth decay and strengthening our teeth, and it's not pharmaceutical-grade, hmmmm?

The fact that this byproduct called hydrofluorosilicic (HFA) has had no real, honest research done in its dental benefits. HFA is actually not purified and it is an industrial-grade corrosive acid with links to causing ill health and disease.

Due to it being impure, it may contain other toxins and because it's also a corrosive substance travelling through metal pipes, this is of great concern. A corrosive substance travelling through metal pipes can leach out heavy metals - adding to the toxic load that we are already dealing with on a daily basis!

HFA is also very cost-effective to use as it's the cheapest fluorine available. Now let's discuss fluorine. 

Fluorine is a Halogen

Like chlorine and bromine, fluorine is a halogen and that might not sound any alarm bells initially until you understand what halogens can do to our health when they're inside our body...




It has been shown that halogens compete with iodine in our body and iodine is crucial for our thyroid gland function. 

Iodine is not as spoken about as a nutrient and it is highly misunderstood but the thing is, iodine is so incredibly vital for good health and disease-prevention.

Iodine is Important for:

  • Healthy metabolism and thyroid function
  • Brain health and cognition
  • Helping to protect us against toxins
  • Helping to protect us against radiation (radioprotective)
  • A powerful antioxidant said to be on par with vitamin C
  • Necessary for reproductive health
  • May help to prevent hair loss
  • Helps to maintain strong teeth and bones
  • Known to help stabilise mood

If we are drowning in a sea of halogens (quite literally if we are still drinking and bathing in tap water), we may have a deficiency in iodine. You can test your iodine levels by using a solution such as Lugol's on your skin. You simply paint a 3" x3" patch of Lugol's onto your skin and wait...

If the iodine goes away quickly (before 24 hours), you may have some deficiency? 

This is a natural and effective way to test for a deficiency and has been used safely for many years.

Back to halogens though...

These toxins (chlorine, fluorine and bromine) hook onto the receptor and create and iodine-deficiency so filtering your water will help to reduce or completely remove these harmful chemicals. How efficiently this is done depends upon the filter system you choose.


If you've ever had a sip of water from a tap, you'll know too well the prominent taste and smell of chlorine. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of chlorine is to disinfect any pathogens on the water. It's one of the main ingredients in bleach!

The problem is though, while the water is disinfected (a good thing), it is also now toxic to consume (though we are told it is safe, it has an accumulative effect over time). 

Chlorination plant


Chlorine is a highly toxic chemical, a known carcinogen and no amount is safe in my personal opinion. The reason I come to this conclusion is firstly, because it may oxidise proteins in our body and proteins are the building blocks to life.

Secondly, because of all the health issues that can arise from drinking unfiltered, chlorinated water, such as:

  • Miscarriages and still births
  • Fetal malformations
  • Brain issues
  • Lung problems
  • Thyroid problems
  • Dental problems
  • Gut dysbiosis and gut issues 
  • Irritating to skin and eyes
  • Linked to cancers (Rectal, breast & bladder)

Chlorine has also been shown to negatively impact phytochemicals from food (these are health-protective substances), turning them into carcinogenic substances (cancer-causing).


When choosing a water filter or filtration system, ensure that is removes chloramine (this is very important) as well as removing fluoride, chlorine, bromine and other typical runoff chemicals such as nitrates and petrochemicals).

I will share with you later in this article, the water filter we recently decided on and it ticks all the boxes as far as filtration goes, it also structures the water, remineralises and adds hydrogen to it. I have never seen a system like this one!

Back to chloramine...

Chloramine cannot be removed by distilling or boiling, you have to have the right system (which I am now using).

Chloramine is a toxic combination of chlorine and ammonia 😟 and like chlorine, it is also a disinfectant. 

The vapours from chloramine and its byproducts may accumulate in enclosed areas such as showers or bathrooms and even small kitchens. It poses a many threats to our health and some of them are:

  • Immune system problems
  • Negatively affects gut health (impact on the gut microbiome)
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin problems (itching etc.)
  • Digestive and gastric problems
  • Kidney and blood problems




I can't seem to find any information on bromine being added to our water supply but I do know that many swimming pools add bromine and as you know, you absorb these chemicals through your skin and this gets it into your system. 

Like fluorine and chlorine, bromine is another halogen so if you are exposed to it, you may be at risk of developing all sorts of issues such as: thyroid disfunction/metabolic issues, kidney damage, liver damage and even cancer. 

Heavy Metals 

Tap water has been shown to contain heavy metals such as aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, manganese, copper and lead. Heavy metals accumulate in various tissue of the body (especially the kidneys and brain) and this can lead to health complications for many people.

Other Factors

Things like pharmaceuticals, endocrine-disruptors and pesticides have been found in drinking water and I don't need to tell you that these should not be in your body. Again, another reason to filter your tap water before you drink it.


The water that we shower in matters too as our skin is our largest organ and it's very absorbent! Everything that goes on our skin ends up in our body, so it makes sense to filter our shower water as well. 

See below the shower filter we use and recommend.

Summary of Why to Choose Filtered Water Over Tap Water 🚰

Tap water should be avoided if you want vibrant health, it's as simple as that.

So to sum things up, we have made a list of all the reasons why this should be number one health practice on everyone's list.

  1. Tap water is unsafe in general but especially should be avoided by pregnant women, babies and growing children (all people really)
  2. The chemicals in tap water disrupt our hormones 
  3. The chemicals in tap water negatively affect our gut microbiome - thus potentially leading to other GI issues, Gut imbalance, autoimmune issues, allergies, mental health problems and so much more
  4. The chemicals in treated water are halogens that compete for iodine in the. body and iodine is a very important nutrient that our body needs to maintain good health (especially our thyroid gland)
  5. The chemicals in tap water can cause thyroid problems (hypothyroid) and even thyroid cancer!
  6. The chemicals in tap water can greatly affect metabolism thus affecting how we put on and lose weight
  7. The chemicals in tap water can dumb us down (impact cognitive function and brain health)
  8. The chemicals in tap water are known carcinogens and have an accumulative effect over time, potentially leading to various cancers
  9. The chemicals in tap water can be associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, OCD and more as they interfere with the gut microbiome (remember the gut brain connection and how gut dysbiosis leads often to these issues)
  10. The fluoride in our water supply is completely different to the fluoride dentists use and this fluoride is also systemic in nature rather than applied topically to teeth
  11. Chlorine and chloramine are both incredibly toxic (think chlorine, ammonia and bleach) and should not be consumed in ANY amount in my well-researched opinion, despite what authorities claim. Remember, the same authorities have lied to us about many things over the years (tobacco, mercury, opioids, aluminum, talc, sweeteners, saturated fats, cholesterol, GMO;s, glyphosate, raw milk etc...)
  12. Having a shower filter is a great idea because we absorb chlorine especially through our skin when we shower (if we don't have a filter)


Ok, so we like to give information but we don't ever want to scare anyone or make them feel helpless. There are certainly many solutions out there, you just have to see what resonates for you and what works for your budget.

Type of Filters

 This list is not exhaustive as there are so many types of filters available in the markets and they all range in price and capabilities. I am just going to give a few examples here and I will end off by sharing the filter that we've been using lately and the taste and quality is quite incredible. It tastes very similar to rain water, super clean and almost sweet!

Under the Counter Filters :

These are great if you own a property but can be problematic if you're renting. They are good if you are able to as you can keep them tucked away and out of site.

Their are many websites in Australia that stock these in a wide variety, such as My Water Filter website. Bunnings also has a wide variety but I have no idea of the quality and functionality of the ones they sell as I've not looked into it.

Bunnings do seem to have the most affordable options for filters but again, they may not do all the things you require for best quality pure water but they may also be a good place to start if you're on a budget?

Upon research, these are the best under the counter options but if you know of a better one please do email us on the contact form and let us know so we can update this blog. 

  • Aquasana OptimH20 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  • HighFlow 1 Micron Under Sink Inline Water Filter
  • HPF 7 Stage 10" Under Sink Water Filter System with Ultra Violet Light
  • NeoPure TL3
  • Triple Stage 10" Under Sink Water Filter System with Ultra Violet Light
  • Ultra Pure Aragon Grander Revitalisation Under Sink Water Filter System
  • Ultra Stream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser Water Filter System with Under Sink Kit

Bench Top Filters:

These are also a great option and actually the option we went for because we can move it around anywhere and we are also currently renting.

  • Big Berkey (best gravity fed)
  • Filteroo (best ceramic and nice looking)
  • Alps (a great place to start as it's not too pricey)
  • Hydrogen Health (the best one overall for everything we were looking for in a water filter and I will go into more detail below). If you too are looking for a water filter that ticks all the boxes ✅ you may also like this one.
Hydrogen Health Bench Top Water Filter


Hydrogen Health Water Filter:

After using an Alps bench top filter for many years but never entirely happy with it, I have been looking for a better option and structured water is something I had started to learn about last year so it was definitely something I wanted to get into.

This filter ticks all of my boxes and after speaking directly with the company they were really helpful. This was their response to me after asking many questions.

“Our bench top system combines multiple technologies within the system. The filtering is a multi stage system where the chemical impurity filtering works like an RO to completely purify the water including fluoride. The physical filtering system targets odour, sediments and various other water impurities.

This filtered water is then restructured and remineralised with key trace plant derived and bio active minerals. The water finally has an infusion of molecular hydrogen which provides powerful cellular antioxidant benefits.

Yes it targets fluoride, chlorine, chloramine as well as bromine and typical industrial runoff chemicals such as nitrates and petrochemicals.  It also filters out pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, herbicides (according to the company)

We are based on the Gold Coast where we develop and design our products by our bio-medical engineering team. Our warehouse is in Brisbane, Australia."

Summary of Features:

✅ Filters out 99% of fluoride, chlorine and chloramine

✅ Filters out pesticides, herbicides (glyphosate), fungicides, rodenticides

✅ Filters out Industrial runoff chemicals such as nitrates and petrochemicals

✅ Targets dirt and silt

✅ Extracts odours for an enjoyable experience

✅ Removes pathogens

✅ Removes Heavy Metals

✅ Is Hydrogen-rich (acts as a powerful antioxidant)

✅ Remineralises and restructures the water (so it's alive)!

✅ Uses advanced technology 

✅ Has instant high thermal heating to make a quick cuppa 🍵


We purchased the Multi stage bench top hydrogen water filter and the shower filter. I also purchased the refillable water bottle which I adore! I do fill this always with the filtered water from the Hydrogen Health bench top and never from the tap 🚰. 

It was a bit of an investment but I believe it was worth it as the water tastes amazing and I just feel the difference! The best water is worth the investment to your wellbeing, after all...

Your Health is Your Wealth

Tam x

PS: we also purchased the water filter bottle and the shower filter and won't ever look back! The water in the shower feels amazing and no nasty chemical fumes or itching skin afterwards. The water filter bottle is really cool too! I love the taste of my hydrogen water (I fill it up from the bench top system and not from the tap)

For a 20% discount on your first order, be sure to use my affiliate link below and remember to add the code: PSAH20

Click here to order yours!


Affiliate Note: we never had any intention of becoming an affiliate prior to writing this article/sharing this information but I thought about it and it just made sense to me? I am all about sharing valuable health info and if I can get even just the slightest monetary reward for the time I put into all of this content then heck, why wouldn't I? I believe in these products and have well before I considered becoming an affiliate. This information is not biased and was and is based on my conviction that this is a premium-quality water filter to provide incredibly pure drinking water. 























Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner.


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