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What on Earth is Earthing?

29 March 2021

Being connected to the ground has always felt natural and good to me and recently I’ve been learning more about the reasons why it feels so good... 👣

Earthing (also known as grounding) is not something new, it’s been around since the beginning of mankind but it’s only been made mainstream in the past few decades since a man by the name of Clinton Ober made the connection between wearing shoes and the rise of health issues.

The whole discovery is extremely fascinating and enlightening! I would recommend you check out his book ‘Earthing’ and the recent Earthing movie on YouTube to learn more.

After experiencing a back injury during the summer, I noticed that the recovery (healing) was quite slow and the inflammation lasted longer than it should have, this led me on a quest for finding the answer, the missing link or piece in the puzzle if you will?

I decided to start walking barefoot more often (something I used to do) and getting my feet in direct contact with the earth definitely helped somewhat but then I would go home to flooring that's non-conductive and wearing insulated shoes, spend hours in front of a computer or on a device and wonder why I felt so terrible?

I was not grounded that is why!

Remembering a conversation I'd had with my sister-in-law Silje, bought back the thought to try earthing products but more about that soon...


What is Earthing?

To be earthed is to either be in contact with the actual earth (our bare feet and even hands and naked body) or to be made contact with some kind of earthing device (which you can learn about in the book and movie).

To be earthed is to gain the earths natural charges and drastically reduce the voltage and radiation we are bombarded with constantly from all the ‘electro-pollution’ (EMF, wifi, Bluetooth, 5G, radio & TV waves, 2-way radio, electricity in our homes, electrical devices, wiring, LED and other lighting, mobile phones, computers, TV, and the list goes on and on!)


If you want to test your voltage you can’t do this with a multi meter device (I recommend @betterearthing for all earthing-related products). Before I get into the potential benefits let me tell you of my recent experience with earthing... 👣


My Experience with Earthing Products

Having a vague understanding of what earthing products were, I had a strong intuition to explore them. I found an Australian company who manufactures them here and I decided to invest and go all out! I purchased the earthing mat, earthing pad, earthing pet pad, earthing wrap, earthing sheet for our bed, earthing pillow cases, the lot!


That first night I was up quite late learning all about earthing and how to use the multi meter (testing device). I couldn’t be bothered putting the earthing sheet on the first night as I was so tired and it was a 2-person job! So I decided to try just the pillow case only.


I must say, I had an incredible sleep that night and woke up with no neck pain feeling rather refreshed.


The next night (together with my husband Jason), I put the earthing fitted sheet on our bed. We both slept soundly and pain-free ever since! It’s honestly been one of the best investments in our wellbeing that we’ve made to date. I would recommend these products to anyone who’s looking for better sleep and potential pain-reduction.


NOTE: we are not affiliated with this company and nor do we get any kickbacks for sharing, I just genuinely love to share information that may help others.


The way that it helps is by reducing inflammation in the body while you sleep but it doesn’t just end there, you can sit or stand on an earthing mat while you work on your computer (in fact, I’m sitting on an earthing pad and have my feet on an earthing mat while I sit writing this blog)!


Perfect Supplements Australia

The image above is me standing on my earthing mat while at my computer. It's helping with fatigue when working around so much electricity and EMF, I also wear blue blocker reading glasses.


So whilst I practice going barefoot much more now and get my feet and body on the ground (grass, sand, dirt, pebbles, stones and even concrete) I know the importance of being earthed as much as humanly possible and the earthing products help with this.


I honestly wish I’d discovered them sooner! 👣


The following benefits have been documented in the Earthing book by Clinton Ober and 2 others and it’s all backed by scientific double-blind studies.


So what are the potential benefits of earthing?

  • Rapid reduction in inflammation
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Rapid reduction or elimination of chronic pain
  • Better mobility
  • Anti-ageing
  • Improved circulation
  • Dynamic blood flow improvement (cells & tissues are better supplied with vital oxygen & nutrition)
  • Reduces stress
  • Increased energy
  • Improves sleep
  • Acceleration of healing
  • More efficient cardiovascular, respiratory & nervous system function
  • Weight loss
  • Immune boosting
  • Improved fertility
  • May help with hormone balance
  • May help mental health issues

To Learn More

  1. Get the Earthing book by Clinton Ober (at Better Earthing)
  2. Watch the Earthing movie - it's free on Youtube
  3. Listen to the Barefoot podiatrist interview Clinton about earthing


There many many stories of people who have improved chronic health issues such as arthritis, MS, autism, PMS/hormonal imbalances, TMJ issues and on and on and on!


Obviously it’s a good idea to also turn off your wifi at night and put your phone on airplane mode) as whilst sleeping on earthing products can help reduce voltage, you still would be wise to turn it off to help your body get the maximum benefits of your earthing products, plus, if there are pets or other people in the house it's generally best practice.



Since beginning this blog, I have also started using the Silver Earthing wrap for a foot injury. I went walking on the beach with a friend on Friday and after a little while I started to feel pain in my foot (an old injury being reactivated I believe). By the afternoon I was limping pretty badly.

Intuitively, I was guided to Better Earthing's website again where I purchased their Silver Earthing Wrap (I didn't get the Premium one that you can use with oils, lotions etc. as it contains nickel and I'm allergic to nickel).

The silver works incredibly well and they only have the one with stainless steel and nickel so that people who want to use lotions etc can, as silver would oxidise with such things.

After just one night (Friday night) of using it, I honestly noticed a huge reduction in pain, swelling and inflammation in my foot - it was pretty incredible. I used this wrap each night since and today (Monday) I have no pain whatsoever!

I will continue to wear it as a preventative measure because you can never overdo it with earthing, not ever!

What I love about this company (whom we are not affiliated with by the way) is that they are right here on the Gold Coast in Australia, they are so wonderful to deal with (great customer service), the products are Australian-made and their products do what they SAY they're going to do! 😄

I would HIGHLY recommend for you to give them a try if you want to reduce inflammation, improve sleep and increase your wellbeing. These products (as well as walking barefoot each day or getting your bare feet on the earth) I believe is the missing link to our health and the fact that we are not earthed much is why we are all getting so sick, unwell, infertile, imbalanced, unhappy, fatigued and more!

While the products are not cheap, they are absolutely worth the investment in your health and if your budget is tight, just start with an earthing pillow case, a wrap or a mat.

You won't regret it I am so sure.

Your Health is Your Wealth™



Products that I Purchased

  • The earthing Fitted Sheet Queen size
  • 2 earthing pillow cases
  • 2 carbon earthing mats
  • 2 earthing mats (material with silver)
  • 1 earthing pet pad (that I hand-sowed into their washable bed cover)
  • 1 Silver earthing wrap
  • 1 multi-meter voltage testing device
  • The Earthing book




Earthing Book by Clint Ober, Dr Steven Sinatra and Martin Zucker

Better Earthing: https://betterearthing.com.au/


Disclaimer: These are only potential benefits. This article is purely intended for informational purposes and not as advice. One must seek proper professional advice from their trusted health practitioner.


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