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Skin, Hair & Nails Need Silica!

21 July 2022
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Today's blog discusses silica and why it might be the missing link for luscious hair, healthy nails and beautiful skin.


What is silica?


Silica is silicon dioxide (SiO2), an essential trace mineral containing silicon and oxygen. It is the second-most available mineral in the world.


Levels of silica in our bodies naturally decrease as we age.


Silica is found in some foods, such as green beans, green leafy veggies, and beer.


Note: green leafy veggies contain oxalates (a harmful anti-nutrient), and green beans may be difficult for most people to digest. Drinking beer is not ideal for the liver or one's health.


Is it better to obtain your silica from a supplement form? Yes, possibly?


Benefits for Hair


A study where volunteers took silica for nine months showed that the hair got stronger with less breakage. Silica is shown to strengthen hair, and this may be because of the positive effect silica has on keratin.


Keratin is a type of protein found in hair.


According to research, silica may also help deliver nutrients where needed (the scalp and hair follicles). Proper nutrient delivery has a very positive effect on the hair's health.


Benefits to Skin


Did you know that silica is known as the "beauty mineral"? It helps our skin in a few different ways:

  1. It helps to boost elastin
  2. It helps with collagen 

By improving elastin and collagen in our body, we can see a noticeable improvement in skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.


Studies have shown women seeing positive results in their skin with taking silica for just 20 weeks. They also saw changes in their hair and nails.


If you are looking to improve your skin's texture and appearance, maybe silica is what you need?


You may have tried collagen supplements and vitamin C and had some success. Still, if you don't get enough silica into your diet, you may be missing out?


That is where a high-quality silica supplement comes in.


Healthy, Strong Nails


When I think of healthy nails, I think of healthy fingernails that you can't bend. Nails that aren't chipped and peeling!


We can eat well and take other supplements. However, if we still have no luck with our fingernails, we might want to look at supplementing with silica?


Silica can help to encourage strong and healthy nails, and it does this because of how it boosts keratin (remember we talked about keratin and hair)?


Your nails contain keratin as well!


Healthier nails, hair and skin could be achievable by adding silica to your diet.


Healthy Joints & Bones for Life


We all want to live long, happy lives free from restrictions and problems with joints and bones. One way we can enhance joint and bone health is to take silica.


Silica plays a role in both joints and bones in our bodies.


GAGS (glycosaminoglycans) contain silica, which helps keep the joints lubricated and helps to keep inflammation down.


Taking silica may assist in bone degeneration in your later years.


Heart Health


To have a healthy heart, you must have healthy arteries and veins, and it's as simple as that.


Arteries and veins are the vehicles that move the blood around our body; if they're unhealthy, you may have heart trouble later on in life?


Silica positively affects the heart as it helps support the structure of arteries and veins.


This positive effect is due to its connective tissue benefits (collagen and elastin).


Your Body Knows What to Do with Silica


The great thing about silica is that it won't accumulate in your body; your kidneys will assist in flushing it out when it's done doing what it needs to do.




Silica seems to be an essential mineral for our body and appearance.


Getting silica into our diet could benefit our skin, nails, hair, joints, bones, arteries and veins!















Disclaimer: This article/post is for informational purposes only and not to be taken as advice. These statements haven't been evaluated by the therapeutic goods administration. They are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any illness. It is always recommended to seek professional medical advice from your trusted health practitioner.



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