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Resvera What?

Resgrape / Max Resveratrol

Too many people have little knowledge what a glass of red wine can do for them. Although this does not apply to everyone, there are those who enjoy the health benefits they can get from drinking a glass of red wine on a daily basis.

Red wine contains the ingredient resveratrol which helps in preventing damage to blood vessels and plays a major role in lowering the LDL or blood cholesterol in the body to prevent blood clots.

A red wine has polyphenols, an antioxidant that can protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart. Research on resveratrol is made on animals rather than humans. It was discovered that a resveratrol given to mice strongly suggests that the antioxidant can decrease the risk of obesity and can protect against diabetes. Meanwhile, research in pigs shows that resveratrol can help improve heart health and the ability of the body to make good use of insulin. For a person to attain these effects, one must drink at least 1,000 litres of red wine every single day! However, the benefits mentioned have not yet been tested to humans.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is also known to reduce the risk of inflammation and blood clotting important to prevent heart diseases. One can get resveratrol by simply eating grapes or drinking its juice. Skin grapes are used to make red wine which is beneficial to have a healthy heart.

There are no known harmful side effects in taking resveratrol according to research, however it was found out that resveratrols are difficult for the body to absorb.

There 4,400 studies on the benefits we can get from resveratrol but following are the most familiar benefits which is good for the whole body.

  • It can help elevate the good cholesterol levels in the body.
  • It decreases blood clot formation.
  • Prevents artery damage caused by high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.
  • It may help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.
  • It is also thought to limit the spread of cancer cells.
  • It protects the nerve cells from the buildup of plaque which can cause Alzheimer’s.
  • Acts as insulin resistance.
  • It prevents premature ageing of cells.
  • Acts as antibiotic to protect the body.
  • It helps reduce muscle wasting which goes with diabetes and cancer.

According to an Australian research on overweight and hypertensive men and on postmenopausal women, after consuming resveratrol the participants showed an improved increase in the blood flow within the hour. At least 30mg of resveratrol must be taken daily to achieve its health benefits.


Perfect Resgrape

It is important to choose a premium brand in order to benefit from resveratrol, the Perfect Resgrape contains the perfect ingredients naturally found in red wine, peanuts, grapes, blueberries, cranberries and more. It is a natural blend of 99% pure trans-resveratrol organic muscadine grapes. Organic muscadine grapes are grown in the hot and humid Southeastern United States. This can be found in several food products like jams, juices, jellies and wine. It is the richest source of antioxidants and plays an important role in promoting a healthy heart, cholesterol levels and other diseases.


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