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Colon Cancer - How to Prevent it or Know if You Have it?

28 July 2015

The third most diagnosed cancer in the world is colorectal cancer or bowel cancer and it is also the third leading cause of cancer related deaths. Colorectal cancer is a cancer of the large intestines involving the colon and the rectum.

Colorectal cancer is also known commonly as colon cancer.

Scientists found out that unhealthy diet is the main cause for one in 10 cancer cases. If you want to escape this bittersweet truth, you must look after yourself, start living a healthy lifestyle and watch what you’re eating. It really pays to be vigilant with what you eat and always check the source.

It is suggested that to prevent colorectal cancer, one must eat more vegetables and supplement a healthy vegetarian diet with fish. Eating processed meats can increase your risk of cancer while consuming foods rich in fibre can lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

Note: I don't personally advocate a vegetarian diet for best health as from my research and experience, animal products play a vital role in wellbeing. I get asked often what food philosophy I follow and the answer to that is the Weston A Price and Nourishing Traditions diet by Sally Fallon.

As I edit this blog, I am learning about the GAPS diet to heal my gut well and truly so stay tuned to more on this later on once I have had the results...

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A study was made and it revealed that there was a 22 percent lower chance of developing colorectal cancers for people who are eating more vegetables and vegetarian who incorporate fish in their diet. I'm a big believer in eating good-quality fish but also grass-fed meats and animal fats from gras-fed animals. Fermented cod liver oil and organic, pasture-raised eggs are also very nourishing.

Interesting to know:

  • Pescatarians are vegetarians who eat fish at least once a month and these people had a lower risk of bowel cancer. That is not to say people who consume grass-fed red meat and other grass-fed and organic meats have a higher risk. The studies done around red meat consumption may be coming from subjects who consume conventional meats, processed meats and other harmful foods. The evidence therefore is inconclusive in my opinion.
  • Colorectal cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat when detected early.

Why Eat Fish?

One of the benefits of eating fish is its high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Lisa Dayer, a nutritionist interviewed on CNN said:

“In addition to other dietary factors, fish may provide added protection from its high content omega-3 fatty acids. This is consistent with previous research that has found omega-3s have anti-cancer activity and that they may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer.”

Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids are protective in many other types of cancer. A study suggests that a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids could possibly block the spread of cancer especially in men with early stage prostate cancer. Fish consumption was linked with a 63% decrease in prostate cancer mortality.

On the other hand, a deficiency in omega 3 can lead to a more serious problems in both physical and mental health of a person.

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Colorectal cancer may not be prevented entirely but there are many ways you can do to ward it off:

  • Exercising
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or drink in moderation
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Heal your gut if you have any issues

Changes in Your Diet

It comes with no surprise that diet plays a huge role in health, vitality and disease-prevention. It's wise to eat as much certified organic produce and foods as you can access and afford. The main reason is the toxic sprays such as glyphosate that are sprayed all over conventionally-grown foods.

It's common sense to avoid processed and junk foods where possible and eat as clean and natural as possible. Chemical additives in 'foods' from the supermarket, convenience store and takeaway outlets are rarely going to be high-quality and they often contain ingredients that can harm your health and overload your liver with toxins.

If you'd like to learn more about glyphosate and how it affects health (also what you can do to reduce it and detox it from your body) be sure to read our blog here

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Early Detection

To treat colorectal cancer, it must be caught at its earliest stage. Regular testing is very important and screenings must be done for all adults ages 50 and above. If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, begin testing before you hit the age of 50.

Considerations for Colorectal Cancer

Lowering the risk of colon cancer may also be done through the following:

  1. Vitamin D can lower your risk from various form of cancers. According to research, a vitamin level of more than 33 ng/mL was linked with a 50% lower risk of colorectal cancer. Sun exposure is the best source to maintain a healthy Vitamin D levels in the body. If you're unable to get into the sun for whatever reason, be sure to at least take a high-quality D3 supplement such as Perfect Vitamin D3 drops.
  2. Magnesium intake may also lower your risk of colorectal cancer. Spinach is one of the best sources of magnesium in vegetables, some known sources are nuts, beans, and seeds. We may often be deficient in this vital mineral as stress can eat up magnesium like pac man. Consider including a highly bioavailable and non-synthetic magnesium supplement in your diet such as this one.
  3. Maintaining good oral hygiene may also prevent pathogens to enter the bloodstream. Studies have linked common oral bacteria and colorectal cancer. So Oil pulling can be highly beneficial. See below why oil pulling may be preferable to conventional mouth wash.

A new study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research reports:

“Poor oral health, which includes dental problems and gum disease, is an independent risk factor for oral HPV infection, and by extension, could also contribute to oral cancers.”

Just like the gut, lots of disease can come from the mouth through poor hygiene, bad habits (not flossing, brushing properly, poor diet and using mouth wash.

The problem with mouth wash is that the alcohol and other chemicals contained actually destroy the good microbes and this can also affect your gut health. That is why oil pulling may be the better option for removing harmful bacteria from your mouth and helping with gum disease.

Use a copper tongue scraper to remove the thick gunk from your tongue each morning (I recommend doing this in the shower).

Top Tip: add a drop of cinnamon, clove, peppermint and myrrh essential oil to your coconut oil as these have their own therapeutic benefits and also make for a pleasant experience.

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We hope you enjoyed today's blog and it added some kind of value to your life. If you found it useful, we'd appreciate it that you could please share it with those you know. Knowledge is power and we all have the ability to effect change.

Together, we can get Australians healthier.
Tam x

*Disclaimer: the information in this article is intended purely as information and not health advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and one should always seek expert advice from their trusted health practitioner.


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