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African Mango


African Mango Wonders

Irvingia Gabonensis or commonly known as African Mango can only be found in the west coastal rainforest in Africa. Despite the controversies surrounding this fruit, the African Mango has been used by the people of Africa in Cameroon as diet aid. Aside from its weight loss components, the nuts of this fruit have other uses too; the nuts can be used as thickening agent for food and its extracts as vegetable oil.

The African mango is high in Vitamin B which naturally hastens the metabolism in the body by fighting the nutrient-blocking toxins and suppresses the appetite. When toxins are removed in the body, the essential nutrients can then be absorbed in areas where it is most needed enabling the body to function effectively. Often referred to as the wonder weight loss drug, it has a potent compound that can cause a person to burn fat reserves. The seed extracts of the African mango stimulates the leptin production, leptin is a chemical secreted by the brain which can suppress food cravings. High levels of leptin in the body may indicate feeling of fullness and will signal the body to burn stored calories instead.

Research suggests that African mango can help protect against obesity and can improve metabolic health. It can also help treat other health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

There is little evidence that can prove of the safety of long term use of this fruit. However, there have been indications that African mango have mild side effects headache, flu-like symptoms, dry mouth and G.I. (gastrointestinal) problems.


To summarize the health benefits we can get from the African Mango fruit:

  • It can suppress the appetite leaving you with a feeling of fullness.
  • It has a fat burning effect which can trip down the waistline and can help in losing weight.
  • It can decrease cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body.
  • African mango is rich in fibre helpful in cleansing the digestive system. The seed can help remove cholesterol, reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and can increase HDL (good cholesterol) which is beneficial to the body.

To lose weight, one must not rely in taking African mango only, accompany it with the right diet and change in lifestyle. Consult your doctor or a dietician to ensure health safety before taking this wonder fruit.

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