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Acai Revive

Acai berries, Acai Revive, Cordyceps, Rhodiola rosea -

Acai Revive

 For Body, Mind & Soul

Acai Revive is an all-natural, caffeine-free formula truly perfect to keep the body energized, yet calm. It contains three powerful organic ingredients namely Acai berry, Cordyceps and Rhodiola Rosea.

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Acai berries 

Acai berries are healthy to eat and considered as one of the top superfoods. It is grapelike in size, purple in colour and very much related with other berries like blueberries and cranberries. They grow in the Amazon rain forests and can be found dangling in a tree which has no branches and because of this it takes time to manually harvest the fruit. Acai berries are not only pretty looking on the outside but are also known for their amazing antioxidant elements and other health benefits.

Acai Berries Perfect Supplements Australia

Anthocyanins are an antioxidant component which can be found in Acai berry and other fruits, they keep the heart in a healthy condition. Every day our bodies are exposed to a number of toxins producing free radicals which can be harmful to the cells and glands making a person look older and more prone to illnesses. Start by making small changes in your diet to prevent cell and gland damage and include Acai berry to increase antioxidant levels in the body.

Acai berries can be eaten raw and are best consumed in a smoothie, bowl or juice, cereal, baked goodies, cakes and ice cream.

Acai Berry Bowls Perfect Supplements Australia

Acai Berries are awesome! Here’s why:

  • Acai is naturally rich in fibre which can aid in digestion and relieve constipation. It helps to keep the digestive system clean.
  • It is high in fatty acids which can be good for the heart and the nervous system.
  • The amino acids in acai berry promote muscle performance and increase strength.
  • It contains vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B3 and E and is a great source of calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc.
  • It can boost energy levels and can combat tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Gives the skin a healthier, youthful and radiant glow. Known to Brazilians as a treatment to different skin conditions.
  • It can help lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It helps fight harmful organisms to the body.
  • May improve overall cellular health and protects the bodily system.
  • Acai can increase blood circulation and can improve the sex drive.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis is a medicinal mushroom which can be found growing in the Tibetan Plateau. It helps increase energy levels and improve the immune system. It is a fungus that lives on caterpillars and medicinally applied for over 2000 years by doctors of China and can be found in their mountainous regions. Cordyceps was popularized in the West as a super mushroom known for its numerous health benefits. It is used as a tonic in China and other parts of Asia to help improve overall health and vitality.

Cordyceps thrives at an altitude of 3-5,000 above sea level and is difficult to harvest making it one of the most expensive herbs in the market.

Cordyceps Sinensis Perfect Supplements Australia

Cordyceps Sinensis is beneficial and may also help in the following:

  • It can help decrease cholesterol levels
  • It can improve the immune system of the body and helps fight cancer cells
  • Increases the energy level and stamina of the bodily systems
  • Just like acai berries, it also enhances sex drive especially in men
  • It can protect the liver organ function
  • It assists the body to recover faster from any respiratory diseases
  • It helps reduce the effects of aging and promotes a longer life
  • Cordyceps is used to treat respiratory and kidney disorders, anemia, heart conditions, weakness and abnormal weight loss
  • The fungus dilates the lung airways increasing oxygen to the blood resulting in better cell function.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea or sometimes called the "golden root" is a unique type of herb which can adapt in non-specific ways to improve the body’s resistance to stress without altering the normal biological functions. It grows in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia and is used as a traditional medicine to treat diseases like cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis.

A Greek physician named Dioscorides wrote in his medical text De Materia Medica the different medical uses of this rodio riza or commonly known now as Rhodiola Rosea. In Asia, people use this plant by brewing into a tea to treat cold and flu.

Rhodiola Rosea Perfect Supplements Australia

Here’s how Rhodiola Rosea can work wonders in our body:

  • It can boost energy levels and improve sleep and appetite
  • It acts as a treatment for hypertension and headache
  • It can help enhance memory and concentration
  • It combats stress and helps strengthen the nervous system
  • May enhance the transport of serotonin precursors, 5-hydroxytryptophan and tryptophan into the brain which can boost the mental health fighting off depression
  • It can help improve hearing
  • Regulates the blood sugar levels for diabetic persons
  • May improve erectile dysfunction in men and also sex drive

Imagine the superpowers when combining these 3 incredible ingredients from nature as well as the power from grape seed extract? That's a pretty potent herbal tonic right there!

If you'd like to experience what these can do, be sure to add a bottle to your cart today!

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