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The Invisible Epidemic

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Perfect Supplements Australia

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  1. nagleheather447

    Excellent article to read of some of the causes and side effects of Mercury and how toxic it is to the human body. I noticed you touched on fish consumption, work environment and amalgam fillings but you left out the worst cause of all Mercury poisoning…..vaccines! The CDC today still adds mercury(thimerasol) to several vaccines that cause so much havoc on the human body, especially the brain. As you stated in your blog, no amount of Mercury is safe for humans and I couldn’t agree more.

    1. tammy Author

      Hi Heather, yes I agree with you re; vaccines but I left this out of purpose simply because the vaccine issue is so touchy and I guess I was afraid to put it out there for fear of backlash. Perhaps I should ‘woman up’ and write another blog article about vaccines and mercury? Thanks for making me accountable. Tam

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