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Some Comments from our Happy Clients

  • I can highly recommend the brand Perfect Supplements and Perfect Supplements Australia for stocking this incredible range of high quality and essential products to our clients to easily purchase online. It's quite easy for us to recommend products to our clients that they can easily purchase from PSA. I myself recommend and use the perfect plant protein, the Hydolyzed colagen, Aquatic greens and coconut oil. These are my essentials but the rest of their range is great also.
    Chantal GeradyThe Fit Hub, Burleigh Heads
  • You know that these capsules are doing you good, and the service from this company is second to none, so very friendly and helpful, once goods are ordered there is no delay in getting them to you, first rate business, I highly recommend it, and of course, these wonderful resveratrol capsules, go on, you won’t be sorry.
    A very easy company to deal with, quickly and efficiently answer any queries you may have, and their stuff is just fabulous.
  • I have been purchasing and using products from Perfect Supplements Australia for over a year.. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the products are of the highest quality. I have used the collagen powder, plant protein powder and coconut oil. I feel empowered knowing I am doing the right think by my body. The products always arrive quickly and with a personal note from Tammy for that special touch. It's refreshing to have such great customer service.
    Melissa GroomGREAT SERVICE
  • I have been sourcing a very similar product from America for some years now. However the cost of freight plus the Australia Dollar encouraged me to research local options. The end result is that I’m now using this product & note that it is of the same standard with no fillers etc. So cool.
  • Perfect Supplements Chlorella is a great way to start my day, what a difference it makes. Being a complete superfood I am know I am taking an all natural supplement without guessing what’s in it. Great for detoxification.
    Tamra FordeGREAT FOR DETOX
  • My partner and I have started taking this product after I had done some reading about ‘nose to tail eating’. We have not felt any different after taking this supplement but we are aware of the benefits of eating internal organs, particularly cow liver. We will continue to take this product because we understand that it is not a quick fix; but an addition to our healthy lifestyle. Thank you Perfect Supplements for having a product that enables us to incorporate liver into our diet in a convenient way.
    Elloise FitzpatrickBENEFITS OF LIVER
  • The Perfect Hydrolysed Collagen powder is a great product.
    I have been sleeping much better at night and have more energy!
    Rosemary ArgowSLEEPING BETTER
  • I tried this (perfect desiccated liver) to see if it would increase my energy levels… am at that age and doing a very demanding job while trying to balance my life. I was really struggling to go for a walk without having to have a nanna nap afterwards for being tired. I have noticed a marked difference in my energy and am much more able to exercise without needing a snooze. Am keen to see if it helps in reducing hair fall over time. Great product! thanks Tammy!
    SuzetteMORE ENERGY
  • I've only purchased the Collagen product & will continue to do so due to the product quality & good service
  • Just like to say a big Thank you for the extremely prompt delivery of my order.... fantastic service, wish other companies were like you.
  • On my search for a quality, plant based protein powder I found Organic Perfect Plant Protein (vanilla). A fabulous alternative to whey and soy and great in smoothies, and high in amino acids, I highly recommend this blend of mushroom, hemp and brown rice as a great source of protein. Great quality!
  • I have been using ACAI Revive for a month now and have found that I do have more energy and mental clarity – still working on the sleep side of things but that’s always an issue with me. Thanks Tammy.
  • Love this product (perfect desiccated liver capsules) after day 2 my energy is insane, as I have Ross river I lack energy everyday. Thank you very much Tammy and Jason for this product.
  • Have been taking your Perfect Rhodiola Rosea for a couple of months now, and find it to be an exceptional supplement for improving my energy levels and overall health, I also feel more calmer and relaxed. My husband now takes it and he too has benefited from this wonderful product.