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Vegetarian Weight Management Pack

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This pack has been designed to cover your needs when it comes to weight loss and feeling satisfied and not hungry.

We have the two obvious weight management products (Perfect Green Coffee and the African Mango) but we've also added Perfect Plant protein in Natural so you have a good, low-calorie source of protein that's high in fibre and goodness.

Taking these products consistently as well as a healthy whole food diet and exercise will ensure you reach your weight loss goals.

1. Perfect Green Coffee is a well known weight loss aid and it works to potentially boost metabolism and melt fat, it's also a powerful antioxidant so it has many other potential health benefits

2. Perfect Plant Protein in Natural is a great alternative to whey, soy and other hard to digest proteins and this has the added digestive benefits of added probiotics and digestive enzymes.

3. Perfect African Mango is known to help suppress appetite and recommended for people who have Leptin resistance (leptin is the master hormone that regulates body weight).

RRP - $99.85

Pack Price - $89.85

You Save - $10!

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