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Vegetarian Energy Pack

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For my vegetable-eating friends we've created this pack especially for you! (you're welcome ;) and it contains some of the very best supplements for getting more energy into your life such as…

Perfect Cordyceps, Rhodiola and Spirulina.

Perfect Cordyceps is well known for helping people regain energy and endurance

• Perfect Rhodiola is another adaptogen (like Cordyceps) so not only can it help with energy but also help your body better cope with any kind of stressors.

• Perfect Organic Spirulina is one of the cleanest, purest spirulinas around town! This one has been grown in a clean, pollution-free environment (very important for micro-algae) and tested for all impurities such as heavy metals. Spirulina is a great plant-based way to get more energy and is jam-packed with nutrition!

RRP - $84.50

Pack Price - $76.35

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