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So Many Immune-boosting Soups (digital recipe book)

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Perfect Supplements Australia Warm-up this winter with 30 delicious, immune-boosting Soup Recipes in our new recipe book...

'So Many Immune-boosting Soups' ❄️⛄️🍲

There is really nothing better than enjoying a nice mug or bowl of piping hot soup to nourish your belly and warm up your body.
This recipe book was a long time in the making and I tried to include a variety of different types of soups for you to enjoy. This is NO ORDINARY RECIPE BOOK, you'll notice in the book, I've included loads of extra value and information to help you naturally boost your immune system, what our immune system even is and plenty of tips too! Throughout the book, you'll see recommendations for ways to boost the health benefits of your soup and ways to get more protein in there.

This book is for you if you are:

  • A lover of soup full-stop
  • Are looking to better your health & wellbeing
  • Love easy meals to eat at home or take on the go!
  • Consider yourself a "whole foodie" (or you'd like to be)
  • Enjoy different flavours and also traditional ones too

Take a Peek Inside...

I know it can be difficult to see the contents of a book in its entirety when it's digital so I'd like to give you a peek inside... PLEASE NOTE: the images below are screenshots from the book so the clarity is not as clear in the screenshots as the actual book. Perfect Supplements Australia Perfect Supplements Australia I hope you do decide to purchase my book, I created for you! 😚 Eating healthy soups like these is investing in your health. To me, soup is like a smoothie but warm and more vegetable-based, so you can really get a TONNE of nutrition into your diet just by making a couple of big batches of soups each week to feed yourself and your loved ones. You can take soup on the go with you, that's the great part! This makes soup simple, convenient, time-saving and economical. PS: Because this is a digital product (an eBook), it saves precious paper and a little less impact on our environment and planet earth. 

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