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Perfect Protein Pack

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The name of the pack says it all...

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen and Organic Plant Protein team up together to provide you with incredible, lean protein to keep you powered up all day long!

We need protein in our diet for many reasons, to name a few:

  • BUILD muscles, bones, cartilage and skin! These things would not exist without protein and maintaining these would be impossible if you didn't consume any.
  • REPAIR: Your body needs protein to repair tissue.
  • OXYGENATE: Your red blood cells supply your entire body with nutrients and to be able to do this, protein is required.
  • DIGESTION: Without protein, you wouldn't be able to digest your food because protein helps to make digestive enzymes (that aid in digesting your food).
  • REGULATE: Hormone regulation would not occur without protein so consuming the right kind daily can help things stay balanced. 
  • SATIETY: Feeling full is helped out by eating adequate amounts of protein and this can also help in weight management as you may be less likely to reach for sugary carbs if you eat the right amount of lean protein.

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is an excellent source of lean protein and important amino acids. It is virtually tasteless and can easily be incorporated into one's diet and lifestyle. Its uses are endless! Think smoothies, smoothie bowls, nice cream, bliss balls, coffee, hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, baking, soups, casseroles, dips, dressings and so much more!

Perfect Organic Plant Protein: if you enjoy protein that has a slightly nutty flavour (like peanut butter) but is also nut-free, you will LOVE this incredibly nutritious protein. It is free from all the irritating ingredients that many find harsh on the belly.

You won't find any grains, legumes, nuts or dairy in this protein and it's naturally gluten-free, additive/filler-free and free from sugar and soy!

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