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Perfect Coffee Confidence (cellulite scrub)

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Your search for smoother legs is finally over...


It was a few years ago back in Bali while being pampered in a rice field (well not literally in the middle of a rice field that would be hot and awful) but in a spa that overlooks the rice fields, I had my first ever coffee body scrub treatment and boy was that something else!

I had never had this kind of body treatment before and I must say, it felt decadent, luxurious and more importantly, my skin felt incredible!

I had toyed with the idea for years to create my own version of this coffee scrub and recently that's exactly what I did! I created my own and started gifting them to friends and family and then my husband said: "your customers would love these too, don't you think"? and I said: "Yeah, I reckon they sure would!".

So I set about creating a formula that was similar to the one I'd been giving my loved ones, however, this one is not as oily because an oily scrub may not travel well? It has a great consistency and works very well.

It's perfect for sloughing away dead skin cells, revealing a gorgeous glow and leaves your skin soft and smelling divine (from the doTERRA essential oils).


Coffee scrubs have been reported to help with treating cellulite because caffeine is a natural vasodilator (helps dilate the blood vessels). It also helps to plump up the skin, making cellulite 'dimples' less obvious.

Grapefruit and Coffee are a match made in heaven for helping reduce the visibility of cellulite!

It's important to eat a clean wholefood diet too and get daily movement. Massage can help as well and drinking adequate fresh, clean water regularly.


  • Perfect Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Coffee Beans (ground)
  • Raw Sugar
  • doTERRA Essential Oils - Grapefruit, Wild Orange & Black Pepper


While there are many other coffee scrubs out there on the market, none of them contain doTERRA oils (that I know of) and also organic coffee and Perfect organic coconut oil. The reason is why we are priced a little differently. because Pure it is of the highest quality, handmade with love and contains some lavish oils like Black Pepper (doTERRA are CPTG oils which means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). You can read more about them here.

I believe these essential oils are the best on planet earth and that's why I stand behind them and use them myself.

If you're interested to buy the oils, please visit my sign up page here.

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Perfect Coffee Confidence (cellulite scrub)
it does help cellulite if applied at least twice a week
Coffees scrub review
Leaves skin feeling softer
First time using, will buy again!
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