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Gut-Loving (healing) Soup Pack

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Gut issues can be downright frustrating!

And at times debilitating (trust me I know as I've gone through my own battles with gut problems!)

While there's no quick fix (because your gut issues weren't created overnight), there are, however, things you can do to help you on your healing journey and two of those things is adding in Collagen Powder and MCT Oil to your diet.

Adding collagen to your food and beverages can help improve the lining of the gut and it's integrity to allow for better absorption of nutrients and MCT can have an incredible impact on the health of your gut too!

(as a BONUS it may help keep you regular) 💩🚽

Because I know what you are going through, I put together a special Gut-healing recipe book and you may have seen this pop up on the home page? If you didn't grab it be sure to as it contains some great gut-loving (healing) recipes but not only that, but you'll also become a member of our VIP Gut-Love Tribe where we share all the latest info. on gut healing and gut wellness.

This Gut-loving Soup Pack was actually inspired by my recent book (mentioned above) and because the book contains a few of the Perfect products and we've had requests for a soup pack, well here it is!🙋🏼‍♀️

You're welcome😊

PS - if you do purchase this pack and haven't yet got our FREE gut-loving soup eBook, please send me an email at and I will get that to you as soon as possible!

What's in the Pack?

  • Perfect Organic MCT Oil: MCT oil is an incredibly healthy fat (popular amongst Keto diets) and is a wonderful source of natural energy and can provide wonderful mental clarity. The main reason I add it to my soups though is because of the Gut-loving benefits. MCT oil can help to support the gut microbiome and influence your digestive system to better absorb vital nutrients. Studies have shown MCT's can also help improve the health of your gut bugs (gut bacteria/flora).
  • Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder: this incredible, life-transforming supplement is everything people say it is and more! You only have to see the hundreds of 5-star reviews to see how many others are loving the product. Because collagen is outstanding for tissue repair and helping to heal the gut lining, it is naturally included in all of my gut-loving recipes! You also get added bonuses of beautiful radiant skin, nails and hair that grow faster, better sleep and so much more!
  • Perfect Grass-fed Desiccated Liver: we've included the Perfect Desiccated Liver powder in the soup pack simply because it is so nutrient-dense! So it's really more for overall wellbeing. Liver is a superfood and it's actually one of the most nutritious foods you'll ever eat and is 100% safe to consume. If you'd like to see a recent video I made about eating/consuming liver before you're convinced be sure to click below...

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