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Detox & Alkalise Me Pack

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While it is true that our liver naturally detoxifies toxins form our body daily, our liver's are much more burdened these days than they used to be from chemicals in foods, alcohol, pollution, drugs, cigarettes, fatty foods and emotional stress.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that all you need is few miracle supplements and you'll be right as rain but the right supplementation is a great helping hand for supporting the liver through it's two phases of detox (1 and 2).

Eating clean, living a healthy lifestyle and combining the right supplementation and nutrients is what your body needs to function optimally and have you feeling your best!

The supplements that were selected for this pack are the Perfect Organic 3 Grass Blend, the Liver Detox Support and the Aquatic Greens capsules.

• Perfect Organic Fermented 3 Grass Blend was included because of it's wonderful actions in the digestive tract (sweeping the colon and helping with constipation) and as you may know, a healthy bowel movement is necessary for good health.

• Perfect Liver Support does what it says, supports the liver through it's 2 phases of detox due to the wonderful liver herbs it contains such as Milk Thistle, Turmeric and Artichoke.

• Perfect Aquatic Greens was chosen because it contains both organic chlorella and organic spirulina which both have powerful alkalising benefits, with many other potential benefits.

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